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Ever wonder what life would be like without pressure, judgment or stress?   They say society is hard on women…sometimes it’s women that are hard on women!  Although we should stick together…we instead divide and conquer.  Why are women so hard on each other?  Why do some make life so difficult for others?

I was in a meeting today that consisted of 20 people, 4 of which were women.  One woman in particular seemed insecure and uneasy to be there.  However, instead of relaxing, and blending in, she felt the need to pair off with another woman in the group.  Noses in the air, they spent the day reenacting an episode from Mean Girls.  Why do women do that?  Do they not realize that high school ended in—hhmmm—high school?  Why would you carry those insecurities of youth throughout your adult life? 

Not long ago, a significant other’s sister informed me that SHE was the sister and could make her brother think however she pleased.  Therefore, if I wanted to stick around, I better do whatever she asked me.  A threat—NICE!  In the same conversation she criticized everyone, including her brother and everything and then ended the conversation with “I need to pray that God helps me to be less judgmental”.  Excuse me?  Is that how this works?  We can be as mean as we want and then— pray?  Apparently, in her mind, that’s how it works.  Another memo I missed!

I started thinking about life’s lessons—how some stick—and some not so much.  Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to when we were kids, when societal pressures didn’t affect us and we just wanted a playground partner or someone to play street ball with?  When the most difficult decision was whether to swing or climb the monkey bars?  It didn’t matter if we were wearing a skirt or not!

Do you remember kindergarten?  That wonderful time in life where fashion consists of what we decide is our most favorite item of clothing and we wear it over and over again until our mother sneaks it away?  Where acceptance is a given—as long as you don’t run with scissors!  What happens between Kindergarten and College?  When did superficial overtake a great personality as a requirement for acceptance? 

Wear fashion—don’t let it wear you! Walk with purpose! Develop your own style!   The best style struts from the core!  The label is your own!

We each have individual paths in life.  Neither is better or worse, just different.  I can’t judge your path anymore than you can judge mine.  What we can do is eliminate the negativity and help each other along the way. A path is a journey.  An experience is a rest stop on that journey.  Rest areas are much less intimidating with a little company—safer too!  Remember Kindergarten’s best lesson?  Hold hands…look both ways…and don’t lose anyone! 

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Do you ever get on an elevator and question if it will go where you want it to?  I never have.  Going to the correct floor is just an assumption I make.  This morning, I did just that.  It started as a normal, uneventful morning.  I hit the button to retrieve the elevator. When the door opened to elevator number 3, I walked in and pressed the button for the lobby level.  Two floors down the elevator stopped and another woman entered.  The doors closed, we started to move again, then the world stopped—in an instant it was dark and still.

Please allow me to digress for just a second.  As a child, my father taught me to always be prepared with a pocket knife, flashlight and screwdriver.  My mother added in the sewing kit, clean panties and something to eat.  Flash back to today when I’m standing in a still, dark elevator.  Notice that I didn’t say ‘silent’.  The reason being that the woman in the elevator was shrieking in panic for all she was worth. Something about too young to die—apparently she had something more important than most to live for.

I immediately reached in my bag to grab my flashlight.  Instantly there was light in the elevator again.  Amidst the shrill of the lady bouncing frantically around, I maneuvered around her —found the alarm button and within seconds the voice of a doorman was heard.  They already knew we were stuck as their alarm had sounded.  They also had a camera to see us in the dark.  Cool feature.  Memo to me—don’t do anything embarrassing in an elevator—Big Brother is watching.  Nonetheless, the emergency crew had already been deployed to retrieve us.

I sat on the elevator floor and began to rummage around in my bag.  I had utilized most of my parent’s advice.  No knife or screwdriver — in the city that could get you arrested.  Clean panties were on!  Flashlight, sewing kit, almonds and — CHOCOLATE!  Just what I needed! It’s better than alcohol and legal to drive while consuming it—no matter how much that is!

As I pulled the wrapper off of the chocolate bar, a burst of energy flew across the elevator; landed in my lap and snatched it from my hand.  It was like a drug addict going in for a fix!  I watched in amazement —her body crossed over mine—as she inhaled my only chocolate bar.  Now what?

Just then, the elevator roof opened and in popped the head of a fireman with a flashlight.  He looked perplexed as I sat on the floor with this strange woman draped across my lap, gulping MY chocolate!  I looked up and said, “hey, what’s up? Welcome to the party!”.  What else could I say?

They were only able to move the elevator down a half of a floor.  Which meant that when the doors opened we were going to be at almost ceiling level of the lobby.  Lucky for me, I had decided to wear a skirt today.  Beautiful.  As they lowered me down out of the elevator and onto the lobby floor, I thought to myself, “thank God I’m wearing panties!”.   There’s positive in everything!  I was also grateful for the words of my mother, “always wear clean, pretty panties!”.

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Have you ever had a conversation that caused you to just sit in stunned silence? A few years ago, I received a call from my significant other to come and pick up his mother. He had taken her on a great mother/son weekend of spending time together. Unfortunately that was in theory—in reality she was working his last good nerve and he needed a driver to bring her home. Of course, I agreed. After all, I’m the eternal optimist; this could potentially be my future mother-in-law! She always seemed very nice to me. What could go wrong?

Everything seemed to be going well in the vehicle when we took off for our three-hour journey home. About halfway, I decided that it would be polite to offer to stop and have dinner. At which, she agreed. We found a quaint little pizza place in a great little New England town. Everything was going great! We were having that bonding moment that all of us hope to have with potential in-laws. We ordered our drinks and an appetizer in the middle of our great conversation. Things were going perfectly…she’s so nice…what could be so frustrating about this little grandmother? Then, without warning, it hit me like a jetliner with no landing gear: “Wow…you don’t eat very much for someone as BIG as you are!” What?! Did she really just call me…”BIG”??? Just what every female wants to be described as, BIG! In my attempt to save the conversation, I stated, “I didn’t realize I was tall until I moved East.” To which she replied, “Oh yes, and you’re tall, too, dear.” She wasn’t even willing to take the bone thrown at her.

Now, most women never speak of weight or size; however, to give you a better picture, in my heaviest state I’m a medium size 6. Most days I’m a small size 6. What morphs a mind to think that is “big”? No wonder we have eating disorders in this country! It was in that moment, that I was no longer hungry. My only focus was escorting this woman home as fast as possible, so that I could be free!

I wish that story ended here, oh how I wish it ended here. In my lack of better judgment, I told my significant other about what was said. From there on out, it became a joke to call me”big”. Furthermore, I was informed that “big” meant “tall”. Really?! Since when?! I must have missed that memo!

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Can these city dwellers walk straight on the sidewalk?  It’s this country girl’s first week in New York and my nerves are on overload.  I was up at the crack of dawn… got a great workout in at the gym in my building…and enjoyed smiles from the doormen as I exit my building.  My commute involves a 10 minute walk to the subway and then two trains to put me right on the corner of my office building.  I’ve heard stories about how brazen and tough New Yorkers are.  So I had my defense on.  Apparently the tough collected people were still sleeping as most on the streets were walking as if they were drunk.  Swaying back and forth across the sidewalk.  I’m trying to walk with purpose and pretend that I actually know what I’m doing and yet all of these people are weaving back and forth across the sidewalk.  It was as if I was in an alternate dimension.  The best is when they looked at me, walking straight, as if I was the one off beat.

Then I saw euphoria…a Starbucks…I immediately went in… no line…YES!  Raspberry green tea frappacino I bellowed out fast and excited…”we’re out of syrup” the girl behind the counter informed.  REALLY???!!!  What Starbucks on this planet runs out of syrup at 7:30 in the morning???  It was official…I was in an alternate universe.

I continued on to the subway and was proud of myself for finding the correct train.  It was actually waiting for me when I hit the platform.  Yes!  Everything was back in motion again…my first day’s commute was back on track.

The train in motion…I stood innocently on the subway, pretending I did not notice any other person on the train, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed two people hit the floor of the train.  A man and a woman were fighting…rolling around on the filthy subway car floor like two children on a playground.  Hitting each other in a full blown fight.  Did you know that there are numerous plain clothes police officers on the subways in New York?  I didn’t.  Before my brain could wrap around what was happening four men converged on this couple, pulling them apart like school children.  This of course required the subway to stop at the next stop.  AND…because of our litigious society…the police officers had to take statements from everyone on that particular car.  Of course that meant me.  I was in New York less than 24 hours and I’m already getting interviewed by the NYPD.  Welcome to my world…

Luckily, after a three hour delay…and meeting two of New York’s finest…I was bound for the office once again.  As I walked into my office and sat down at my desk…I leaned back and looked out my window…life in the city…if this was my first day…it was going to be an adventure!

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Since graduating college, I have lived all over the United States.  No matter where I live…I’m known for my shoes!  Which brings me to my youth.  As with most young girls, sneakers were my preference until about the age of 26, yes I was a late bloomer.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to slide my foot into a stunning stiletto.  However, as with the Green Lantern’s ring, a stiletto created that moment of transformation into a stand strong person that didn’t care what others thought.  They make you bolder and walk with purpose.

With the right shoes the day changes…your attitude becomes sharper and anything is possible.  Any of you that have experienced the moment of when you slide into a pair of your sexiest stilettos…you know what I’m talking about…it injects attitude and power in a single moment.  Mystically you become sassy.  Am I right?

No matter where our diet or exercise plans are…shoes always fit!  Ever heard the phrase, “if your feet hurt…your whole body hurts”?  Then wouldn’t it be true as well that if your feet feel great…so in turn would your body?  Believing in yourself is half the battle.  Realizing what it takes to see yourself in the best way possible is the other half.

Recently, this country girl relocated to New York City.  Culture shock is an understatement!  Documenting the adventures of transitioning into the city and talking about different issues women face head on is what this blog is all about.  Life can be entertaining, exciting, lonely, confusing and stressful all at once.  Slick Stiletto will hopefully bring out your sassy side.  Give you laughs…smiles…confidence… ideas…attitude…and a chance to see life in a more positive reality.

Remember the line from the movie The Italian Job, “FINE is merely an acronym for Freaked out …Insecure…Neurotic…and Emotional”.  The goal isn’t to be FINE…but to be amazing and great!  Now…step in to your favorite shoes and let’s strut!