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Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.  These are the words of a song that we used to sing at camp when I was a kid.  Although I’m not sure I truly understood the meaning of it until recently.  Great friends we can stop communicating with for any period of time, but when we do finally meet again, we pick up and it’s as if we never missed a beat. 

Recently, I had friends visiting from the Mid-West.  It wasn’t until they arrived that I realized how excited I was to have them here!  We chatted and laughed—ate our way through the city — and managed to see most every major landmark in the few days they were here.  Of course, we also found time to go shoe shopping!  Ok—and handbag shopping as well!  It was a great time!  It’s an even better time when we girls can bond while finding a great pair of shoes!  Who am I kidding — we can make a shopping trip into a complete social event, right? 

When you live in the city, the day to day can consume you.  The energy alone causes you to never stop running or reaching for more.  There is never enough success — or money — or time. 

However, when my friends came to visit, it grounded me once again.  Spending time with them—talking and laughing—made me once again realize the important things in life.  Stay grounded, always remember what is truly important and never sell out your soul—no matter where you live. 

The city can be an amazing place.  It’s challenging—rewarding—and ultra competitive.  It is your friends that keep your footing stable.  Whether they be new friends—old friends—or somewhere in between.

Marilyn Monroe was correct, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!”  I’ll add to that and say, “Give a girl the best of friends, and she can find the confidence to put those shoes on!”

Thank you to all of my friends that keep my footing solid!

Are you a fan of “Sex and the City”?  I watched a few episodes here and there and I’ve seen both movies.  I have to say that I wasn’t much of a fan of the series but the movies were entertaining.  If you are familiar with the show, the main actress, Carrie Bradshaw, struts around in amazing shoes alongside her friends.  My favorite part of the entire show was the shoes! 

During my younger years, I imagined what it would be like to live in such a high fashion urban environment.  When a dinner engagement turns into a fashion statement.  When a shopping trip turns into an adventure.  And now I’m here.

The other night I was invited to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  I was excited to finally get out onto the town!  It was time to fashion up! 

My choices for the night were a blue leather mini dress and cream stilettos.  I strutted out of my building as if I was born in this city. 

Lucky for me, the cab was an SUV, so there was no contortion needed to enter or exit the vehicle.  Remember the show?  They always were at the door or in the cab already —the reason you ask?  Because it is impossible to get in or out of a cab gracefully!  If the cab is a car, you sink into the seat and fall in—conversely getting out you have to contort yourself as if getting out of a sinking sofa. 

As my dinner date and I arrived at the restaurant, the chatter filled the 2 story building, almost deafening to the ear. This was city night life—loud—dim lights—crowds of people—exciting!  I was in my very own episode of Sex and the City!

After dinner we exited the restaurant, the weather was perfect so I suggested we walk for a bit.  I was thinking a couple of blocks—maybe three or four.  After all, Carrie Bradshaw was always strutting down the streets of the city!

As we walked, I found myself dodging cracks—holes—chips and other things in and on the concrete.  Hmmm—I don’t remember Ms. Bradshaw having to dodge anything.  The sidewalks are also slanted—why you ask?  I’m thinking it’s a stiletto test to see who can actually walk in their shoes. 

I passed the walking test, although I’m sure it wasn’t as graceful and sexy as intended.  It’s difficult to strut while walking on a slanted sidewalk — dodging cracks to avoid destroying your shoes! 

Instead of walking two or three blocks, we ended up walking the entire distance back to my building.  An entire mile!  Have you ever walked a mile in stilettos?  Let’s not forget slanted and on a cracked broken sidewalk. 

As I walked into my building—relief set in.  The floor was flat—no more cracks to dodge—and the air conditioning was running perfectly!

 Off the elevator and onto my floor, I opened my pocketbook to get my key—nothing —I had locked myself out!  Back to the first floor to get a key I went.  As I hit the button to the elevator—giggling to myself — I had tackled my first night out in the city— it was a new outlook — even though the sidewalk may be slanted against you — the cracks may be trying to trip you — stand up straight — dodge them all — and strut!

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Have you ever been in prison?  If someone asked you that question, your reaction might be laughter or insult, as we think of it as a traditional prison, whereby the inmates within it have committed a crime against society causing them to be incarcerated for a period of time until their debt to society has been paid in full.  However, what about those prisons that never release us?  What about the rhetorical self induced prison that we allow ourselves to be placed in? 

In the competitive society we live in, we are programmed to always want bigger, higher, faster and stronger.  To notice the negative or less than “perfect” and do our best to make it better.  Our prisons become self image, size, shape, wealth or worse.  Instead of accepting the positive, wonderful things in our worlds, we instead focus on our neighbor’s assets.  Be it thinner, wealthier, shorter, taller—the reason for the prison doesn’t matter as much as what happens when we put ourselves there.

I had the amazing opportunity to listen to a man that was in a self induced prison.  He had been in an accident and burned over 70% of his body.  He had enormous physical burn scars over the majority of his body.  His hands were deformed from the incident as well.  He wasn’t projected to live, and yet he did.  It took years for him to put his life back together—but he did it.   Years later, he was in another accident that left him paralyzed on top of everything else.  However, instead of imprisoning himself in the “why me” mentality—he was an amazing, positive, motivating individual. 

How could this man—badly scarred from burns—barely any hands—paralyzed—still have such a positive wonderful attitude on life? 

It made me stop in my tracks and realize how wonderful life really is!  How short it can be!  How in a second it can change direction.  Sometimes your heel needs to drop into a crack, so that you fall and hit your head to knock some sense into you!  Which is what happened to me that day—not literally—but rhetorically.  Suddenly, I found myself sliding through my prison bars and emerging into a freedom I hadn’t allowed myself in some time.

So what if there are imperfections in my world — it is my world —what the world does to me is not within my control—what I do about it is!

My challenge to all of you is to break out of your prisons.  Realize the wonderful things that are in your world.  Life is not timeless — there is an unknown expiration date — do not waste any of it with negative thoughts — useless criticisms — or emotional prisons! 

As the theory of relativity goes, “for every action in life—there is a reaction”.  Take control of your reaction—enjoy your life—and stay out of prison!

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Have you ever felt like cleaning instead of sleeping?  Today was one of those mornings for me.  My brain wouldn’t shut down, so I decided to give up on sleep and clean the apartment.  I was a multi-tasking, cleaning dynamo!  While the washer and dishwasher were hard at work, I was cleaning the bathrooms—mopping the floors—vacuuming—dusting— I even had the music machine playing great tunes while I worked!  Things were going great!  This was much more gratifying than frustrating myself trying to sleep!

I grabbed the bottle of multi-purpose cleaning spray and began to wipe off the bathroom counters—went on to the kitchen counters—they cabinets — the barstool seats—even the top of the kitchen cooking vent.  I was a cleaning powerhouse! 

Feeling proud of myself — I went to the kitchen to put the cleaning spray away.  As I opened the cabinet to put it back, I noticed that the multi-purpose spray was already in its place.  What?  How did it get there when the bottle was in my hand? 

Looking at the bottle — I had been cleaning with spot remover gel!  Sleep cleaning isn’t as gratifying as I thought.  Laughing at myself — I grabbed the bottle of multi-purpose spray — and started again!

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 This week has been a heavy walking week.  In the city your primary transportation source are your feet.  This week has been particularly trying on the tootsies.  I decided to give myself a treat and get a pedicure.  It seemed like an innocent, quiet treat. 

My meeting finished early, I walked down to the spa and asked if there was a walk in opening for a pedicure—there was!  I quickly picked my color and sat in the comfy chairs.  Why is it that a foot massage is better than chocolate or alcohol combined?

 As I relaxed and forgot about my aches and pains—a woman walked over and sat in the chair beside me.  She apparently needed foot therapy too. She had a briefcase and the largest drink cup I’d ever seen—she was thirsty!

  We sat quietly—reading our magazines and relaxing.  Just as euphoria had kicked in, her phone rang.  It was the loudest, most annoying ring I’d ever heard.  Something similar to an alarm at a nuclear power plant.  Both of us jumped startled at the sound—except she had “the drink”—which ended up on me—latte something or other was now my wardrobe.  I could smell the vanilla—and it wasn’t sugar free as I was instantly sticky.

  She looked at me with a look as if to say, “please don’t hurt me”.  I felt sorry for her.  In the midst of the silence I said, “do I wear it well?” and grinned.  We both busted out laughing and the tension immediately left. 

  We sat the remainder of the time chatting and having girl talk.  Sometimes in life, we just have to laugh and help each other out of embarrassment!