Have you ever felt like a caged rat? The past few weeks have been anything but relaxing for me. Life has thrown a few curve balls, with a few landing directly on the side of my head! As luck would have it, I have a person in my life that has no idea how to relax—even better—when life gets stressful—they turn up the heat! Do you have a person like that in your life? They mean well—kind of like mice in a grain barrel. No harm is done—except your blood pressure explodes.

After a few weeks in a pressure cooker, a road trip was in order. Loading up the vehicle was therapeutic. Pulling out of the drive—I had no idea which direction I would go. What I did know was the highway was stress free!

Road trips can be exciting and soothing at the same time. The open road—great music—no clock to look at—freedom at it’s best!

The first night I ended up at the ocean. A sunset walk in the sand seemed perfect to start off the stress release! I unloaded my dog from the vehicle and across the beach we walked.

The sunset was perfect! This was going to be a great trip! No schedule to keep—no phone to answer—no human being barking questions at me—perfection!

As I walked along the beach—watching my dog run in and out of the water—I heard a voice, “great night isn’t it?”

Turning to look where the voice was coming from—lying on the beach next to my path was a man—sporting his birthday suit—in full glory enjoying the beach!

My shock caused me to stand like a deer in headlights—it was possible a sound came from my mouth although I didn’t hear one. My dog ran up to me—then to the man —stopping he smelled him like a bush he was getting ready to mark. “Great looking dog!”, he exclaimed.

As the feeling pushed back into my feet, I took off in a jog—whistling for my dog—making sure he followed. We jumped back into the vehicle and hit the highway once again. As we entered onto the interstate I noticed a billboard that stated, “stop here—we have the best hot dogs in the state !”. ¬†Apparently, the residents feel the need to show you too!

It’s going to be an eventful trip! ¬†More as I go!

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