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Why are we our worst critics?  Why are negative people allowed to tarnish a great day?  Why do we let them?

You can be the most beautiful person in the world —everybody envisioning light and rainbows when they look at you—but if you do not know it—if you do not know your value—your self worth—all of what people think is irrelevant.

Every second you spend doubting your worth—every moment you criticize yourself—are seconds wasted—moments thrown away on negativity.   Life is not permanent.

Do not waste any of your seconds— do not throw even one of your moments away.  Live life positively!  See value in yourself!  Put on your favorite kicks—lift your chin up—and strut!

Have you ever met the “Perfect Man”? Well, obviously no human is perfect, but the perfect man for you. A few years ago, 6 years to be exact, I was introduced to my version of perfection.

We actually lived in different areas of the country at the time. So when he first called me—anything was possible. The day we met, he was moving his only child into their first home. Empty nest syndrome was setting in already. He was taking it in stride, but the reality of his baby growing up was setting in.

As we spoke, the conversation was lighthearted—enjoyable—pleasant and entertaining. It was a Saturday. Sitting in the Burbank airport awaiting my flight home—we had our first call. After an hour on the phone, he asked if he could call me later in the day—I agreed.

That evening, he called as promised. We spoke for hours about everything from life to hobbies—food to travel—as I continued to hear his voice—perfection set in. We spoke via phone—text—or email all day long for the next 5 days.

Thursday afternoon my perfect man mentioned that we should meet—face to face. He was not looking for a phone friend and there was an “elephant in the room” we needed to tackle. Namely, we’d never met—face to face.

Jokingly I said, “I’m free tomorrow!” “DONE!”, he exclaimed. What just happened?

The next thing I knew, an email popped through with airline and hotel reservations for —Tomorrow! I quickly opened my calendar and began to move meetings and appointments! After all — meeting the man of my dreams was more important than any meeting!

After clearing my calendar—off to the mall I flew. A new outfit was needed! Something chic—eye catching—sexy! I wanted to make a statement! To strut!

Almost immediately, I had the perfect dress. It was a modern mini to show off my legs! Of course a great pair of stilettos! Lastly, Being that it was the dead of winter—I’d need tights to keep warm. Instead of going with the tights already in my drawer—new tights were in order. A stop by hosiery—I was all set!

Boarding the plane—my stomach was in knots! Would he like me—am I too tall—too fat—to this or too that—as women we can be so hard on ourselves!

I landed and off to the lounge I went. His flight would be about 20 minutes behind mine—so we agreed to meet in the frequent flyer lounge.

He emailed from in flight — delay — he would be an hour now instead of 20 minutes. Great—more time for me to melt down.

By the time he called to inform he had landed and was making his way to my location—I was a nervous ball of goo. Is it possible to analyze yourself into oblivion? If so, I accomplished it that day!

When he walked into the room—the whole world stopped—the “elephant” flew away leaving behind— PERFECTION!

My only task—getting a car service—forgotten in the midst of analyzing into goo. Therefore, a cab was the option.

We arrived at the hotel —checked into our respective rooms and headed up to change for dinner.

Walking into my room—my heart racing—I flipped open my suitcase—grabbed my makeup and headed for the shower. It was time to strut my stuff!

I hurried out of the shower, freshened up my makeup and sat down to put on my tights. My hands pulled them up to my knees, I stood up, and pulled—the tights running out at the middle of my thigh. What?! They were too short!

Grabbing the second package I looked at the size the clerk selected—too short! What would I do? It was freezing, to go bare legged was impossible. I pulled the tights up as far as I could and threw my dress on, the dress covered the top of the tights barely two inches! It would have to work.

Walking very carefully, we left for dinner. “Please don’t let my tights fall!” I thought to myself. If there is a God my tights won’t fall. Strutting was not possible—all focus now was on staying upright and not tripping over short tights!

Making it through dinner—we headed back to the hotel. The tights barely in place. I made it!

As we walked back into the hotel, I said, “change into sweats and meet you back here?” “Ok!” He replied. I hobbled back to my room—ripped off the tights—breathed a sigh of relief—changed into sweats and headed back to talk to perfection. We talked and laughed the rest of the evening.

Sometimes in life—relaxing and enjoying the imperfections help us to see the humor in life — figure out what is important—and forget about all the minor details. It is possible to strut even if your tights are too short!