Have you ever had to work with women who are still living as though they are in high school? These juvenile delinquents live in a false reality of gossip and deceit. Whereby anyone they are intimidated by become instant enemies. They will befriend you to your face— and work overtime behind your back to destroy by any means necessary.

I have the wonderful opportunity to work with 3 women fitting this profile. Some days it is very entertaining to watch the exhaustive measures they will go in their attempts to take out all females of any perceived “threat”.

As for me—other than entertainment, it doesn’t bother me. Although I did think it might be entertainment for everyone, so thought I’d share.

Please allow me to digress a moment to give you a description of the women I’m speaking of.  The first is young, impressionable and naive. She borders on anorexia and tends to make fun of those that do not look like they’ve spent undue time in a third world country. The 2nd is very tall with enormous hands. She talks in the tone of a two year old and seems to think “Ummm” is a word used by smart people as a conjunction. The 3rd is the ring leader. She has a huge education chip on her shoulder—namely—she has no education.  She expends enormous energy staying “in the know” of the gossip circle and will make up juicy gossip if she fails to dig any up. Her fashion code can best be described as “Goodwill Chic” which wouldn’t matter if she wasn’t so critical of everyone else. Her business shoe of choice—flip flops. Her personality as genuine as a three dollar bill. Some of the more sophisticated females in the group have nicknamed her “Trailer”— although I’m sure that would insult those living in a trailer park.

As for me, I remain neutral watching the antics and the drama like a very bad Broadway show. The ring leader can turn the most simple of tasks in a drama routine even Elizabeth Tailor would envy. My mistake with the ring leader? I love fashion and am influenced by no one—most especially her.

My first encounter with the ring leader, I was merely walking to my office. She walked up to me with an ear to ear Cheshire Cat smile and said, “GOOD MORNING!” It was so animated it caught me off guard. First thing in the morning, most people are not screaming at the top of their lungs. Startled— I’m fairly sure my feet left the ground. It’s difficult to maintain composure with so much noise. As I returned a normal toned “good morning”, she began to walk with me. As we walked, we played 50 questions. Her throwing numerous inappropriate personal questions and me avoiding most of them. Finally, she became distracted by another victim and off she went. Whew!

The day continued, busy as usual, when my phone rang. It was a man from the human resources department—he needed to meet with me briefly. That is never good. Off to his office I went. As I walked into his office he began to speak. He informed that the ring leader had been down numerous times to complain about my wardrobe. “You know how women are”, he chimed. “No—how are women?” I responded. He informed my dress was too “edgy” and was making women envious. “Does it fit within the dress code guidelines of the company handbook?”, I asked. His response was a definite “Yes”. Although it was making the ring leader feel less than adequate, therefore she needed to complain. “Can you put that in writing please?”, I asked. “There’s no need for that, as this isn’t anything formal, just the two of us speaking.” He replied. Of course an illegal conversation wasn’t going to be documented in writing.

As I returned to my office, the ring leader was business as usual —yelling and creating drama to draw attention to herself. I wondered if people like her ever get tired. Do they get tired of pretending to be happy? Do they get tired of creating drama? Do they get tired of wondering what it would be like to be genuine? Have they lost hope entirely of ever knowing what genuine and honest actually feel like?

As she walked away, the sound of her walk thumped like wild buffalo running on the plains. I overheard one of her team state, “thank God she left!” A piece of me felt sorry for her, as she most definitely had no idea her direct reports have no respect for her. Karma is a funny thing. It can rear it’s head in the most odd of times.

It is interesting to me how some women still operate as if in a click in high school. How can we expect bullying to be eliminated in our schools when parents instigate it in the workplace? Instead of leveraging the talents around them, why does the ring leader feel so threatened that she has an innate need to eliminate the competition?

One of the younger women in the office walked up to me the other day and said, “You’ve raised the fashion bar around here. Look!” I turn around to see the ring leader attempting to dress like me. The young girl smirked and said, “She is trying but failing miserably!”

Why is it there are insecure women who can’t get their act together therefore they have an inner need to cause trouble for those of us who do have our act together? As women, we have enough pressure with society and career. Do we really need to cause more for each other?

For now, the ring leader is content in creating drama and spending enormous time during the day catching up on the latest gossip. As she continues on her journey—I will share some of my more humorous observations. After all—I will most definitely continue to wear my sassiest stilettos—and strut! Which will win me (and my trusted readers) a front row seat!