Most days start with the same routine—the alarm chimes off too soon—I stumble to the bathroom and step on the scale—this shocks me awake to a point I’m able to safely get in the shower. Isn’t it amazing how a nice shower can complete our wake up?

30 minutes later I’m headed to the office. Another day—wonder what is in store. Bullying seems to be the topic of choice these days. We hear about children pushed to their breakpoint because of constant badgering from their peers. I’ve often wondered how it is a child moves into a personality where they feed off of bullying another child. However, after being exposed to the adult form of this behavior, I am fully aware how this behavior can begin in children.

What is more interesting is how the situation has become somewhat of a lab experiment for me. Although I am the recipient of the harassment and bullying behavior—at times a person must step back and see the root cause of the behavior. How is it adults can group together and “gang up” on harassing someone? How is it they have never been taught this behavior is not appropriate? The best question—why is it most prevalent with women?

I introduced you to the ‘Mean Girl’ click last week. Rest assured they have yet to mature. In fact, last week after once again complaining about my wardrobe—they once again attempted to mimic my style.  Another funny anecdote —they attempt to copy the style of someone they bully.  Further adding validity to the theory women bully other women that intimidate them.  We should consider bullying a compliment.  As it is validation we have become a driving force of intimidation to insecure women like these.

This brings me to the root of my observation about bullying. Have you ever noticed with clicks of insecure women—they are evil to any woman they deem to be intimidating—better looking—more successful—or anyone that raises the bar in any way. It is interesting to me how we as women do not embrace the differences and leverage our positive attributes to raise ourselves into new levels. Why? Instead the insecure group together to seek and destroy the strong. It is no wonder to this day men remain at the top of most corporate ladders. When have you ever seen men grouping together to gossip and tear down a coworker? My point—they never do.

Last week I was subjected to harassment—bullying behavior—and outright hateful attitudes. It made me feel sad for them. I watched as they fed off of each other—the bullying a form of stress release for them. It is sad —how awful their lives must be that they have to inflict this kind of craziness at the office. How can we ever eliminate bullying in our children if it exists within adult society?

They say Karma affects everyone. Karma can be something as simple as having to exist within the toxic mentality people create inside themselves.

My challenge to all of you is to stand above the typical “female” —as most men describe it. Stand out in a crowd—let your own personal style shine—be unique—leave the insecurities behind—we as women do not have to attend every battle we are invited to! My challenge is to hold your head high—know your value even if others are attacking it—and strut!