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Have you ever had a sentence interpreted the wrong way? You mean to say exactly what came out of your mouth. However, it is interpreted entirely different by the receiver? There are times when it is a complete misunderstanding and other times beyond hilarious!

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful day toodling around shopping with my friend and her husband. We were the Three Musketeers with no particular mission—-maybe some shopping—-find a great haunt for lunch—-some people watching—-the kind of day weekends were made for!

One of our shopping stops we hit a farmer’s market—-wonderful people watching. The crowd was the same as what attend most local fairs. One couple in particular were having the time of their lives walking from booth to booth—-laughing and cracking jokes. It was great to see people laughing so much. Then it hit me—-they are on a first date. The nerves were so thick you could feel them. I thought to myself —-it’s great they’re having so much fun!

Our next stop was a great place on the water for lunch. It was one of those places you go to watch a game and hang out with friends—-the scenery was amazing. There were three tables in a gazebo directly over the water with a perfect view. We were lucky enough to get one of them. Score! Before long, people filled the other two tables. While eating lunch—-the man at the table directly behind us apparently did not feel like he had enough attention. He began to speak louder—-telling a story of how he met his girlfriend. It was not a good story and did not paint a very pleasant picture. As adults—-if we are going to bellow a story across a public place —-shouldn’t it be one good for all to hear?

We finished our lunch and continued on to our next shopping stop. It was a blast! Bobbing in and out of rows and rows of items we either “needed” or “wanted” —- is there a difference?

We collected all of our desired goods and aimed for the checkout. My friend’s husband and I were waiting at the end of the counter—my friend waiting patiently for the moment to swipe her card. We were joking around with the clerks working at the store. Both looked to be twenty something’s and were entertained while joking around with us. In the middle of our antics, my friend chimes in, “he has to put up with both of us!” The twenty something male looked at her husband and me as though we had just taken the last beer at a party.

It hit me what his look was about. “He thinks she meant you are married to both of us”. I told him. “That did sound a bit funny didn’t it?”, he noticed. Oh no—-back peddle time! “We’re not all married, we’re friends, but he does have to put up with both of us today”, I explained to the young man. “OH!”, he stated with a stress relieving sigh. Laughter broke out once again between all of us—-realizing the missed perception.

The old adage to “never judge a book by it’s cover” still remains true today. With technology advancements, we do not always have the luxury of evaluating body language.  It is not what has been said that is important, rather how the words are perceived. We are challenged more than ever before to communicate clearly in order to be understood.

Very much like the kindergarten class whispering a secret to the first student and charged with communicating that secret to each other through to the last student in the line up. If the communication changes—-the entire focus is off kilter.

The moral of our day—-communicate clearly—-stop and regroup if necessary —-never judge —-and always remember to laugh!


As the saying goes—-laughter can soothe the soul.

I spent the afternoon hanging out with a friend of mine. Girl time is an amazing thing! We went to the farmer’s market—-the health food store—-shared some girl talk—-and decided to stop to investigate her husband’s progress—- as today—-he was working on a property they are in the process of preparing to build a house on. The shop construction is already completed. We fondly refer to this structure as the “Taj Mahal”—-why you ask?  It is every man’s dream shop. With four fully equipped, oversized overhead doors—-professionally landscaped —-and architecturally Illuminated at night. It would make any man’s eyes sparkle.  The shop is enormous.

Let’s get back to the property. This property happens to be right behind their current home. (This will be a necessary piece of information later in this post)

We pulled into the drive—-jumped in the yard vehicle —- and drove across the back yard onto the vacant property. We popped through the bushes—-finding her husband and his crew of workers trimming trees—-pulling weeds—-picking up dead branches and leaves—-basically typical yard work. This property is located in the country. Affording them the advantage of creating a huge fire pit to burn all of their collections. They were taking advantage of this privilege with a flame streaming sky high—-it was a man size flame. My friend and I were wishing we had marshmallows!

It was early evening by the time we departed from observing the men in their element. We forged back to the house to make dinner. Girl talk resumed while the television created back drop noise a we prepared dinner.  The time progressed—-her husband walked into the house, took a shower and retreated to his comfy, man chair in front of the television.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit in his chair. It’s beyond the description of comfortable—-wrapping around you in sheer cushioned comfort. It’s a chair easily ripping any stress out of the body and creating complete tranquility. Exactly the state of mind her husband was in—-relaxing—-eyes focused on the television.

My friend was around the corner, down the hall. I was sitting on the sofa, positioned on the wall behind the man chair—-placing me directly next to the picture window. With the wooden blinds closed, the road in the front remained visible from my viewpoint—-not from the man chair.

Without warning—-a familiar sound bellowed into the room—-”Beloop”. I looked up to see flashing lights wheel past the window on the road. My first thought—-an ambulance?

As I remained focused on the lights, I concluded the vehicle was too long to be an ambulance. Wait a second—-it was a fire truck. WHAT? A FIRETRUCK?! My brain finally connecting to my mouth as I choked out, “that was a FIRETRUCK!”

The sentence barely left my mouth as my friend bolted around the corner. “YOUR FIRE PIT!” Her voice in sheer panic. “The Taj Mahal!”, she yelled.

Please allow me to digress a moment—-There are moments in time happening so incredibly fast—-it is impossible to catch them on camera be it video or still shot. However, once those moments pass, you realize you missed out on the video propelling you to the morning talk show circuit for having the most recent comical posting to have gone viral with millions of viewings. This was one of those very special moments.

Let’s get back to my friend appearing around the corner. Upon the exclamation reminder of the fire—-her husband, still in his chair—-grabbing an armrest sternly with each hand—-as he white knuckled the arm rests—-his eyes popped open with sheer panic—-his face over powered by excitement like the staff of Ellen startled while going through a haunted house. He propelled himself out of the chair running for his shoes on the tile floor directly by the bar stools. He approached the shoes with one foot forward ready to slam each one on and run out the door. His hand already on the back of a bar stool for balance.

My friend and I stood watching him—-his foot touched the shoe —- it slid forward on the floor —- his body recreating the infamous Charlie Brown rotation as the football was pulled away. Time stood still.  We were watching a slow motion video—-his body flew backwards—-his feet elevated above his head—-his hand remained clutched to the bar stool—-both the bar stool and her husband flipped —- landing on the floor parallel.  His feet dangling above his head. The expression on his face one of pure bewilderment.

The three of us stood in silence for a second —-then out the door we bolted to check on the fire pit and Taj Mahal. I hit the door first—-as I passed through the door and began my walk across the backyard—-all was dark—-no flames remotely visible—-the beautiful landscaping illuminated by the strategically placed sconce lighting in the distance. Relief set in.

“That must have been pretty funny to watch!”, her husband comically stated as he jumped into the yard vehicle.  He was right. My friend and I walked across the yard towards the “Taj Mahal”.

Now that all detrimental thoughts of raging fires had been extinguished—-we were left to replay the event without panic—-immediately hysterical laughter consumed us. The laughter so intense —- walking was a challenge. As we caught our breath her husband’s voice sped through the darkness. “I can hear you laughing!”, he chimed. We instantly burst harder into laughter.

With everything under control and normal—-the three of us stood in the cool night air in full on belly laughter. The kind that shakes your soul, moving through your body like chocolate spreading happiness all the way from your toes up to your cheeks!  It was an incredible moment. Rare in form —-always welcomed—-always therapeutic.

To laugh at oneself is a very special gift to have. Her husband —-a strong man’s man—-rugged with a stern poker face—-laughed with us. He is a very special man deep into his core.

Life gives us special moments without warning. It is up to us to take a moment to embrace them. When you are handed lemons—-make lemonade. When thrown into a pile of manure—-look for the pony that created the pile. Always remember to seize the moment—-laugh from the core when life throws humor into the mix.

Where was the emergency? That remains a mystery.


Isn’t it funny how life can slap us on the side of the head when we’re least expecting it? Recently, I’ve been watching world news intently. There are wars going on—-outbreaks happening—-new laws put in motion, while old laws are questioned. Studies show a person consistently keeping up with news—-whether broadcast or on paper—- depression is likely to set in. After watching the news recently—-I can see why. From bullying by women in the workplace—-to military widows remarrying and exploiting the government by re-filing for benefits when they divorce their civilian husbands over and over—-to people becoming ill from infectious disease outbreaks—-gloom and doom seem to be the best two consistently chosen topics.

I’ve always been told the most attractive accessories are confidence and a positive attitude! Yet how do we keep a positive attitude among the negative headlines? My answer hit me when I least expected it!

The other evening—-on a lucky streak I didn’t know I’ve been on—-I was invited to attend a children’s production of Sesame Street. Front row seats to view Elmo, Big Bird, Bert & Ernie, Cookie Monster and a host of their friends. I was hesitant to agree to go—-however time spent with the most incredible 5 and 2 year old on the planet is never a bad thing. Right? Should I be scared?

As we were escorted to our seats, we heard the speaker announce the show would begin in 15 minutes. With wild anticipation, all of the children sparked twinkles and smiles! The show began full of dancing, singing and laughter! To my surprise, most with a dance beat even adults could enjoy. By the last song, the 2 year old was sitting in my lap. We were dancing in our chairs and clapping to the beat!

It was at that moment I realized how one can stay positive in this world of negativity. Look at the world through the eyes of a child. The colors are vibrant—-the theories simple—-smile and dance to great music! Children are not critical or judgmental—-those are learned character traits that unfortunately some people pass on from generation to generation. I looked at the ear to ear smile of the 2 year old boy sitting in my lap—-giggling—-bright eyed—-the positive cure to the negative question.

The most attractive accessories are confidence and a positive attitude. Although a genuine smile is mixed in there too! If you can’t find those on your own—-look to a child for assistance!

We are only in this world for a short time—-embrace it—-smile—-see the positive—-and strut!

Miles on the highway can soothe the soul. At some point in life, everyone has a moment where their spirits are low and your soul needs a recharge. Recently, this was the case. Lucky for me—-one of my closest girls were available and flew in for the trip! I picked her up from the airport—-vehicle packed and ready to hit the road. We called it the “Thelma and Louise Trip”! However, with any luck, no one would be killed—-especially us when we arrived at our destination!

Two girls on the open road—-free spirits—-no counting calories —-no working out! We’d sleep when we were tired—-eat when we were hungry—-and well go when we needed to.

Down the highway we rolled—-chatting and laughing —-Our first stop, a travel plaza just outside the city. We needed a caffeine stop. Chocolate as well! What’s a trip without chocolate? We found our snacks—-headed back to the vehicle—-plotted our shopping stops and away we went! Our target—-exit 68! Lucky for us the GPS screen gave us a listing of approaching exits including distances to each.

Wheeling down the highway, laughing and talking—-having a great time —-when my partner in crime noticed we were approaching exit 61! What happened to 68? Had we driven past it without noticing? Could it be possible we didn’t smell the shopping? I frantically pulled the destination up on my phone’s map. There was a reason we were at exit 61—-we had yet to change states! Exit 68 was in the neighboring state which we had yet to drive in to! We looked at each other—-stunned—-then laughter filled the vehicle!

We continued down the highway. Before long, the huge sign welcoming us to the next state was in front of us. Within minutes we hit our desired exit. Anticipation quickly filled the vehicle as we entered the parking lot to our destination! It was at that time we realized the incredible shopping we thought we’d find was merely a deserted island of shopping gone bad. We hit the highway—-calculating our next stop!

At times, knowing exactly where you are headed doesn’t always get you exactly to where you want to be. After all, it’s the journey that matters—-not the destination!

Sometimes a good laugh—-being with a person that knows you—-that truly understands you—-and eating chocolate are all you need!