Have you ever experienced sleep deprivation to a point your brain stops functioning? I experienced this very thing this week. I have had 3 flights in 4 days. If you count each connection as a flight, then I’ve had 6 flights in 4 days.

I slept 3 hours in 4 days. Fatigue had set in to a point of delirium. During my flight back—-I was reading through emails—-I was informed I had to fly again the next day. Sleep wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

The next day, I arrived at the airport. First stop after baggage check—-Security. If you haven’t heard of TSA Pre—-you should research it. During heavy traffic times, it is a godsend. TSA Pre affords you the ability to not have to take your shoes off—-no taking your laptop out—-no removing anything. It is security nirvana. You merely place your bags on the screener—-walk through the metal detector—-and done. Typically no lines as few know about it.

As I approached the TSA Agent—-I pulled my driver’s license from my wallet—-put it with my boarding pass—-and handed it to the man sitting on the barstool behind the podium. The man looked shocked and said, “Really?” I stood there baffled by his look and response. Moments passed—-the agent said again, “Really?”. This time with a smirk on his face. He seemed to think something was comical. I remained baffled. The sleep deprivation very much pulling me down. My body was screaming for me to drop to the floor and close my eyes.

A few more moments passed. I was the only one in line. I stared at the man. Analyzing the situation to figure out the issue at hand. The TSA Agent smiling now —-still holding both my boarding pass and my—-WAIT A MINUTE—-the TSA Agent had my boarding pass and my credit card! I had pulled the wrong card out and didn’t notice!

Embarrassed, I took the card back—-grabbed my wallet—-removed my driver’s license—and handed it to the Agent. He smiled and said, “You have special clearance. I knew this was not your first time at this!” We both had a good laugh.

In life it’s best to stay rested and alert! It’s easy to get run down or in a rut and lose track of the important things—- Such as showing the right documentation to security employees. There are so many things that pass us by when we aren’t alert. Some are as small as the beauty of a butterfly fluttering around—-others even more significant like a chance to say, “I love you”—-or the ability to see the beauty of a moment.

Hold your head up—-stay alert so as not to miss anything—-present yourself and your documents properly—-and always—-always remember to laugh!