Do you know anyone that rarely makes a mistake? One of those individuals that is on point on everything every second of every day. I have a friend that is just that person. In all of the years I have known him, he always makes the right decisions –at the right time –turns the correct direction–and his “wild guess” is always on target. I fully believe if he were blind folded–turned in the opposite direction of a target–and instructed to shoot over his shoulder behind him–he would hit the bullseye every time.  I absolutely adore him.  However, I am a mere mortal compared to him.  For me, I typically learn from my gazillion mistakes–and require the navigation system to dig me out of the level of lost I can achieve for myself. This in turn tends to frustrate my friend while I’m flailing about learning from my mistakes. It typically wards a response from him of “you think you know everything”. Which I assure you–is far from my being. I am well aware of how very little I know–and how very mortal I am.

One weekend, he was visiting me in a city neither of us were familiar. He was driving, as given my ability to get lost, his driving and decision making skills were much safer behind the wheel than mine. We were on a major four lane artery into and out of the city. The artery had concrete barriers deeming it impossible to make a turn across traffic. That meant if your destination was on the opposite side of the highway, it required passing that destination by a mile or so and making a u-turn to back track. To complicate things, the highway was under massive construction. Our goal–to find a good lunch joint.

Have you noticed when you have a goal, you become so focused on that goal you sometimes miss minor details? When that goal entails food –add starvation to the mix–the mind becomes completely fixated on achieving the goal–or at least our minds were.

My friend noticed a Chinese buffet on the opposite side of the road. His face lit up with anticipation. “I love those kinds of places!”, he stated. We had one errand to run and decided it best to finish our errand further down the road and return back to the buffet. As we were heading back down the highway–my friend behind the wheel–we approached an inner lane lined on each side with a concrete barrier–no signage. We determined it was the carpool lane. With traffic picking up steadily, we decided to jump on the carpool lane and make better time. Success!

We were rolling along passing all of the vehicles in steady traffic. How wonderful the carpool lanes are. We were talking and enjoying ourselves. Proud of our decision.

I noticed a few drivers looking at us somewhat odd. So did he. As we continued down this lane, we noticed there were no other drivers in this lane. Why were no other vehicles taking advantage of the carpool opportunity?

We continued a couple of miles when the signage finally appeared–BUS LANE ONLY–we were in the bus lane! No wonder other drivers were looking at us so odd.

Unable to control myself–I burst out laughing. I’m not sure which was more funny–the odd looks we were getting from other drivers–or the wrong decision my friend had finally made to make him as mortal as me. As I laughed, I said, “let’s just wave at everyone!” Which I did.

The bus lane seemed to go on for miles and miles with the concrete barriers deeming it impossible to gain access into normal traffic. Along we drove isolated in the bus lane with no other vehicles–laughing–hoping for an exit. Together in our decision–wondering when the lane would end–laughing. About the time we were in fear the lane wouldn’t allow us a departure until we were in the heart of downtown–the lane–including the barriers, ended. Relief!

Our laughter continued as we turned around to head back in the direction of the buffet. As we laughed through lunch–and continue to laugh about it today when remembering — it was also good to know even the best of us mortals can make wrong decisions. Find the humor–don’t make it more stressful than required–remember to laugh. Most mistakes are not life altering or ending–most can be corrected with a u-turn.

Learn from mistakes–Remember everyone makes them–Alleviate the stress–Find the humor

A day without laughter is a day wasted!