Throughout the news over the past months, we have seen many signs of hate. Typically my posts are humorous and uplifting. However, sometimes there is a need to point out what seems to be obvious—-but apparently is not. Hate is a very powerful emotion. Whether it be in written, rhetorical or action—-hate in and of itself is toxic—-comes in many forms—-many are speaking about hate—-what are we doing to irradicate it in our daily lives though?

Years ago, I began dating a man who quickly took my heart. Throughout my life, I had always dreamed of having a sister. When he informed he had one, excitement set in to meet her. The day we met still resonates in my mind. My excitement quickly diminished when the realization she was the most negative, toxic person I’d ever met hit me in the head. She immediately began a campaign of hate comparable only to the taliban. Her brother oblivious to the extent of the destruction. Sadly, this woman claimed to be “religious”. She would proclaim “I’ll pray God helps me to be less judgmental!” Sad but true. Her alter ego has apparently not heard of something God created—-it’s called “free will”. God does entrust some things to us. People can not walk this earth negative and toxic only to pray it away. Hate in its true form—-is toxic.

The other day, while waiting for my hot tea at Starbucks, I noticed two attractive young women. Their smiles radiated. They were cordially saying, “hello”—-speaking about attending their church that morning—-talking about how they were going to “help” people. Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to anyone, or their conversations. These two were unique. When a person would pass by, they would smile at the front and become caddy once the people left—-make rude comments about their attire or size—-comment on hair styles, shoes, pocket books—-suddenly they were like gremlins up after midnight. If you are not familiar with the movie, gremlins if kept up after midnight, became evil and destructive. Their cute faces turning to frowns.

In both of these cases, day to day the hate is destructive. People claiming they are “nice” when their actions are toxic. One should not have to verbally validate they are a “good” person—- rather your actions should speak for the person you are.

To the sister—-I pity the person she truly is at the core. The character she must mask while amongst those at her church and people in the community so they are unaware of the toxicity underneath. It must be exhausting keeping up appearances—-the toxic core eating within. I can only imagine the difficulty she must have looking in a mirror—- when she is dealing with her true self. Luckily, we as individuals are able to deflect hate—-and block it from our world.

To the girls at Starbucks—-having a “pretty card” only masks bad behavior for so long before high value people see past it. High school and college are over—-it is time to develop your core beyond caddy or superficial.

In this world where hate—-toxic behavior—-destruction —-all seem to be at the forefront—-it is within us to diffuse it.

We can choose to warm the heart—-not freeze it.
We can choose to compliment—-not judge.
We can choose to be happy—-not toxic.

Kindness is the key to peace.

Every positive thought propels you in the right direction!