With the holiday quickly approaching, and the election a dim light in the rear view mirror, it’s baffling to me how the news have focused on “how to have a calm holiday” due to differing political opinions. Apparently, some people have such strong opinions they are cancelling their holiday with family members sharing opposing views. How is it politics can ruin a family? Could it be possible all of the happy, wonderfully blissful families pictured together smiling on Facebook are as much of a fallacy as a unicorn? Say it isn’t so!

Amidst all of the negativity in this country, it was good to see holidays are still the most traveled time of the year. As I arrived at the airport—-wrangled my luggage to the ticket agent—-schlepped my way through TSA and finally made it to my gate—-I fell deep into people watching—-one of my favorite past times at the airport—-do you ever wonder what some people are thinking when they put on stilettos the morning of travel? Do they think they will meet the man of their dreams smashed like sardines in a metal cylinder better known as a plane? What dream man would want us walking through an airport in stilettos anyway? I love my stilettos—-having rollerboard wheels scratch them up would be fatal! What good man would want that? I’ve digressed–

Back to my people watching—-as I watched everyone traipse by me….some dragging luggage behind them—-others with bags hanging on them—-I looked to my left and saw the most beautiful male face! He had just flown in from St Kitts. A 5 1/2 week old puppy being escorted to his new home in the US. His quiet face and soft brown eyes looking at me—-isn’t it amazing how animals look right into us? Who can keep any semblance of composure around a puppy? Of course I immediately had to hold him—-cuddle—-smell his amazing puppy breath! In that instant—-all negativity in the world diminished. What was left? A group of adults stripped into childhood —-adoring a puppy who had been homeless just days before—-now on his way to his new home in this wonderful country we have the luxury of living in!

If only the country could focus on what happened in the airport —-simple compassion. What we can learn from our canine companions—-unconditional acceptance—-calm silence—-warm hearts—-how wonderful this world would be. It only took one set of brown eyes to join everyone at the gate—-in that moment no one focused on holiday travel—-only the adorable puppy. holidays are all about what we are grateful for. In this moment—-I am grateful for a reminder of what matters in this world. Compassion—-warm heart—-genuine acceptance.

Now off to the ticket counter to rebook to St Kitts to find my own puppy!