Everyone has days where stress is at its maximum.  The kind of day whereby the moment we awake, the world is compressing around us.  Yesterday, was that kind of day for me.  My first text came in at 5:45am, from one of my associates.   She didn’t feel well enough to head into the office.  The flu bug had struck again.  We were officially short staffed.  It was a Friday, so all would be well.  How does one have a bad Friday, right?

On the other hand, it’s January.  Like everyone else, I’ve made new goals for the year.  One of which is to drink more water.  I lug huge bottles of water with me everywhere to remind me to drink.  This will become more prevalent in a moment.

As the morning progressed from one phone call, conference call, question and issue to another.  My Friday quickly resembled that of a Monday.   I took each call with detail, reminding myself of my hydration goal as I went.  Gulping down water when I could.

At the end of every call, my body reminding me of nature.  My brain however, kept me on point—focused—solving problems.  The advice of “listen to your body” forgotten in the Monotony.

In the middle of the mayhem, my text chimed.  I had forgotten about a meeting, offsite.  I ended my call, grabbed my briefcase and rushed out the door.  Cell phones have made it easy to be in two places at one time.  I called into the meeting, while explaining I was in route.

The elevator wasn’t an option as I would lose the call, so down the stairs I flew.   My body screaming at me that nature was calling from the massive water consumption of my morning.  Finally, the first floor lobby.  It is a carpeted hallway from the stairwell door to the main lobby.  At the main lobby the carpet connects to tile.   With the meeting in my ear—nature beating down on my body —and an urgency to get to the meeting—the small tent stating “slick floor” missed my line of sight.  My heel stepped off the carpet, onto the tile —my body flew up like Charlie Brown when Lucy would pull the football—hitting the floor with a “thud”.  It took a few seconds for my brain to register what had just happened.  There must have been a noise when I hit, because in my ear I could hear “ARE YOU OK?!”— “WHAT IS GOING ON?!”  As I collected myself to speak—I managed to get out “all is good.” While a scan of injuries ensued.  All body parts seemed to be in tact—all appendages unbroken—all was well.  Except—I felt this warm sensation on my slacks.  Was the floor still wet from the cleaning crew’s mop?  If only that were the case.  Remember nature beating down on my body?  Nature had taken control when my body hit the floor.

Embarrassed — I took a scan of the lobby.  For once in my life, no one was around.  Scooping myself up to my feet—I began to laugh.  What it must have looked like to see my body fly through the air—hit the ground—and then mortifyingly my bladder partly release.

I ran out of the lobby—drove home— showered—restarted my day and made it to the meeting.  All the while, laughing at myself!

In life, we must always remember to slow down enough to not only remember our goals, but listen to our bodies.  Especially when our bodies are screaming at us!

Even after an embarrassing moment—Hold your head high—and Strut!