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Someone asked me who has been the greatest influence in my life.  Every day of our lives we are evolving.  The question itself is very simple. The answer much more complicated.  The answer is fluid and can change in an instant.  Just when we think we know that greatest influence—Someone comes into our life unexpectedly and suddenly we see the world different.  A new lens replaces the world as we knew it.  That person teaches us it’s ok to let people in.  Start over.   You can go your whole life thinking you know the answer.  And then one day you realize your greatest Influence in your life might be someone else.  Sometimes the answer isn’t who influenced you the most but what.  Or a combination of both.

As a child, my grandmother taught me how to calm the storm.  Be it external or internal.  Negative influences taught me self protection.  How to compartmentalize instead of dealing with issues.  My horses—a quiet, yet powerful escape.  My dog—able to be with me anywhere I went.  I learned to protect the ones I cared about.

Society to us is nothing more than the grouping of humans surrounding us.  If we let them, they will define what is right —expected—successful.  Change the environment—society changes—expectations change.

Childhood idols who through a young eye seemed so strong—independent —wise.  Through the lens of an adult become weak—dependent—narcissistic.

People make assumptions like blood is loyal—trustworthy—kind.  When in reality it can be destructive —cruel—toxic.  From the inside of the box—the lens can be blind.

Anytime a situation resembled past dysfunction—I Immediately categorized it with the same  consequences and outcome as life had previously taught.  Whether you believe in your success—or whether you believe in your failure—either way you are correct.

When an incredible person comes into our life—they arrive with positives and negatives.  How we deal with each is important.

People come and go from our lives.  But only a handful truly make a difference in our future.  It’s impossible to chose one who influenced my life the most. It’s what they all taught me that matters.  Things like loyalty— trust— respect.  To feel the accomplishment of earning those is a gift of priceless value.  So if I had to pick the single greatest influence.  If I have to give an answer —it has to be my adoption.  Being adopted creates a sense of isolation—independence—strength.  There is no fall back on blood—you are who you become.   You set your goals—define them—accomplish —make new ones.  I worked hard until I managed to get a goal right—and then worked harder until I couldn’t get it wrong.

When the student is ready—the teacher arrives.

What we do with that knowledge—how we adapt our lens—is up to us.

Stay healthy!


Have you ever stopped to people watch?  If you haven’t, try it.  To watch human behavior is a dynamic so intriguing, it can make for great distractions during times of difficulty.  Society is in a state of panic at the moment.  Corona Virus AKA COVID-19 has consumed everything from news, media, internet and conversation.  In the hysteria of a respiratory illness, people are fighting over basic home goods such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies and paper towels.  How we went from a respiratory illness to stock piling 7500 rolls of toilet paper is an anomaly.  Walking into a supermarket is like stepping into an armageddon movie scene.  Everything that destroys the immune system — processed food, dairy, candy, soda are all baron shelves.  People have become so parsimonious they have caused a shortage.  Have no fear though—Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, probiotics, oat milk or any other kind of health food item are of ample stock.  In other words, if it’s healthy—it’s on the shelves.  If it tears the body down—it’s gone.  It’s obvious few know how the immune system actually works.


Every day people have a new rationale for the virus.  How to avoid it.  What to do if you get it.  I’ve read everything from sitting in a hot tub, running a blow dryer at the hottest setting up your nose, to sitting in a sauna.  Some are saying to gargle with salt water and drink gallons of water in case you are exposed the virus will wash into your stomach and the acids will kill it.  Seriously?  The virus attaches to the mucous and goes into the lungs.  It is a respiratory illness.   Are people not aware they have a trachea and an esophagus?  Ever tried to inhale water?

It is humanly impossible to think and panic at the same time.


Some are focused on what businesses have been forced to shut down because groups of people congregating are now seen as careless ways to spread illness.  People are focusing on when the next official news conference will be.  Droves of people are working from home in an attempt to self quarantine.  There are three groups of people it seems.  The ones that are self quarantined in an attempt to keep infection down.  The other a group of “won’t happen to me, I’m healthy” moving about in a business as usual fashion.  Which group is correct?  Time will tell.  Those who are working remote have a far less chance of contracting anything.  Those moving about as normal will soon see how “normal” things are if they have been exposed to the virus.  The next 2-14 days could be an eye opener for them—maybe. Oh—let’s not forget the third group.  The ones who have gone into sheer panic because this IS the end of the world as we know it.  All of us will die.  No one will survive.
The people in that group need more than quarantine.


Can you imagine being a hypochondriac in this mess?


Introverts are ecstatic as they’ve been training to “self quarantine” most of their lives.

Parents have been catapulted into home schooling.  The only thing to say to that is, parents, “May the force be with you.”

People that can’t sit still are trying to go about business as usual, except most everything is closed or has shortened hours of operation.  So, they find themselves going to the market several times a day, just to analyze the empty shelves.


Some are posting memes in an effort to find humor.

FaceTime and Skype are on fire.

It is deemed the average person touches their face approximately 2000 times per day.  Say it isn’t so.  Don’t do it.  Don’t touch your face.

Others are calculating how many squares of toilet paper does one actually use per “go” in an effort to calm people down.  Whomever would have thought wealth would ever be defined by the stockpile of toilet paper one has.


People who can live off the land, hunt, grow their own food, fish and have an arsenal of weaponry to defend themselves have a heightened status in the world.  If only for a brief moment in time.


There are masks, gloves, homemade sanitizer, goggles, ear plugs and anything else people can think of to avoid the dreaded COVID-19.


“Wash your hands” has become common place to ask.  Shockingly, most people do not wash their hands regularly or correctly!  How did that happen?  Having soap merely touch your hand, slapping it against the other hand and rinsing is no longer acceptable.  We have all become evaluators of how hands are washed.  Wash your hands—correctly!  If nothing else, COVID-19 has renewed the importance of hygiene.


In other times I would say the best defense is to hold hands so as not to lose anyone.  In these times, touching anything or anyone has been deemed hazardous to one’s health.  Touching your face could be lethal, let alone another person.


Since we are all in this together, let’s let everyone important in our lives know how important they are.  Daily at least.  The world — life — can shift in an instant.  Be good with the last conversation you had with anyone, as it could be the last words you say to them.  A new day is never guaranteed.  Do not take it for granted.  Times like these should be a reminder of how fragile life is.  Hysteria isn’t needed.


Let’s all remember to think of others before ourselves.  Continue to look both ways before crossing the street.  Be humble.  Be calm.  Relax on panic stockpiling.  And don’t forget anyone.


To quote Ellen Degeneres—“Be kind to one another”


Stay Healthy!