Since graduating college, I have lived all over the United States.  No matter where I live…I’m known for my shoes!  Which brings me to my youth.  As with most young girls, sneakers were my preference until about the age of 26, yes I was a late bloomer.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to slide my foot into a stunning stiletto.  However, as with the Green Lantern’s ring, a stiletto created that moment of transformation into a stand strong person that didn’t care what others thought.  They make you bolder and walk with purpose.

With the right shoes the day changes…your attitude becomes sharper and anything is possible.  Any of you that have experienced the moment of when you slide into a pair of your sexiest stilettos…you know what I’m talking about…it injects attitude and power in a single moment.  Mystically you become sassy.  Am I right?

No matter where our diet or exercise plans are…shoes always fit!  Ever heard the phrase, “if your feet hurt…your whole body hurts”?  Then wouldn’t it be true as well that if your feet feel great…so in turn would your body?  Believing in yourself is half the battle.  Realizing what it takes to see yourself in the best way possible is the other half.

Recently, this country girl relocated to New York City.  Culture shock is an understatement!  Documenting the adventures of transitioning into the city and talking about different issues women face head on is what this blog is all about.  Life can be entertaining, exciting, lonely, confusing and stressful all at once.  Slick Stiletto will hopefully bring out your sassy side.  Give you laughs…smiles…confidence… ideas…attitude…and a chance to see life in a more positive reality.

Remember the line from the movie The Italian Job, “FINE is merely an acronym for Freaked out …Insecure…Neurotic…and Emotional”.  The goal isn’t to be FINE…but to be amazing and great!  Now…step in to your favorite shoes and let’s strut!