Miles on the highway can soothe the soul. At some point in life, everyone has a moment where their spirits are low and your soul needs a recharge. Recently, this was the case. Lucky for me—-one of my closest girls were available and flew in for the trip! I picked her up from the airport—-vehicle packed and ready to hit the road. We called it the “Thelma and Louise Trip”! However, with any luck, no one would be killed—-especially us when we arrived at our destination!

Two girls on the open road—-free spirits—-no counting calories —-no working out! We’d sleep when we were tired—-eat when we were hungry—-and well go when we needed to.

Down the highway we rolled—-chatting and laughing —-Our first stop, a travel plaza just outside the city. We needed a caffeine stop. Chocolate as well! What’s a trip without chocolate? We found our snacks—-headed back to the vehicle—-plotted our shopping stops and away we went! Our target—-exit 68! Lucky for us the GPS screen gave us a listing of approaching exits including distances to each.

Wheeling down the highway, laughing and talking—-having a great time —-when my partner in crime noticed we were approaching exit 61! What happened to 68? Had we driven past it without noticing? Could it be possible we didn’t smell the shopping? I frantically pulled the destination up on my phone’s map. There was a reason we were at exit 61—-we had yet to change states! Exit 68 was in the neighboring state which we had yet to drive in to! We looked at each other—-stunned—-then laughter filled the vehicle!

We continued down the highway. Before long, the huge sign welcoming us to the next state was in front of us. Within minutes we hit our desired exit. Anticipation quickly filled the vehicle as we entered the parking lot to our destination! It was at that time we realized the incredible shopping we thought we’d find was merely a deserted island of shopping gone bad. We hit the highway—-calculating our next stop!

At times, knowing exactly where you are headed doesn’t always get you exactly to where you want to be. After all, it’s the journey that matters—-not the destination!

Sometimes a good laugh—-being with a person that knows you—-that truly understands you—-and eating chocolate are all you need!