I’ve relocated more than the average nomad. If it is true that it is the journey that counts and not the destination, then I’m living the dream! Relocating every few years has molded a unique personality and carefree spirit on life. One thing holds constant: no matter where I live, I’m known for my shoes! I love…love…love shoes! Shoes always fit! Stilettos are my shoe of choice. You can strut in a stiletto unlike any other shoe. Those of you that have a pair know what I’m talking about!

Daily, women deal with pressures pushed down on us by society to be thin, beautiful, style conscience—flawless!  In turn, we are critical of ourselves instead of appreciating our differences. This is why I started my Blog. It’s a place for sassy, smart, sophisticated women to go for a little break in the day.

Unique things happen to me…some good, some interesting. One pessimistic negative urchin called it a “black cloud” over my head. I look at it as a unique opportunity to experience the world within a different frame of sight; these insights will hopefully give a few chuckles…a few reminders to enjoy life…a little entertainment…and some motivation! Life can be entertaining, exciting, lonely, confusing and stressful all at once; Slick Stiletto will hopefully bring out your sassy side… give you laughs, smiles, confidence, ideas, attitude and a chance to see life in a more positive, humorous reality.

Remember the line from the movie The Italian Job, “FINE is merely an acronym for Freaked out…Insecure…Neurotic…and Emotional”. The goal isn’t to be FINE—but strong…sassy…fabulous and unique!  Now step into your favorite shoes…and let’s strut!

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— JD Keats