Have you ever collected everything you need to obtain a registration for something only to find out when you get to the counter —-someting is missing?

Recently, while visiting a friend of mine who is blessed with living on the beach, it was determined she would begin her workout regimen. This included —-you guessed it—-walking on the beach. Before you question the intensity of this workout, or lack thereof, my friend considers a walk to the mailbox as strenuous activity. Infant steps on the workout program.

We spent days discussing how nice walking on the beach would be. Finally, she researched the documents needed to obtain the glorious beach permit —- Registration, driver’s license and insurance verification.  It seemed simple.  Armed with the required items, we drove to the county offices—-excitement filled the vehicle.

Our first stop—-the wrong office. It was however the DMV which gave quite the plethora of people to watch. If you’re ever feeling a bit down about yourself —- go there. We were instructed by the lady at the tax assessor’s desk to walk across the parking lot to the community center.

With excitement in our step—-we hurried over to the community center. We were burning daylight! Walking up to the counter, the woman asked for our documentation. Registration—-check! Insurance verification —-got it! Driver’s license—-no license—-where was the license? It had to be in there. My friend started to dig through her pocketbook like a dog looking for a missing bone!

This pocketbook is more like a dark hole collecting everything from gift cards to other pocketbooks! Have you noticed when you “dig” through a pocketbook one begins to pull large chunks of items out and place them on the counter in piles? This had commenced. Within seconds she had several piles—-gift cards—-credit cards—-coupons—-papers—-IPad—-IPhone—-spare iPhone just in case the first one goes down—-two empty pocketbooks in case she had to downsize for shopping —-and last but not least feminine hygiene products.  There must have been a special on Mary Poppins bags.  I was waiting for the kitchen sink to come up.  Each new pile brought laughter and explanations of what it included. Unfortunately, no license surfaced.

The clerk watched with amusement. After several shuffles and pile adjustments, the clerk decided she would just give us the sympathy permit. After all, who would go through this much trouble to obtain a permit fraudulently!

With a sigh of relief, we walked out of the community center with the beach permit in hand! Exercise can commence! We danced and laughed as we walked back to the vehicle.

In life, patience is a virtue. Kindness an asset. Having all of your documentation essential. Staying positive and laughing when things aren’t as organized as you thought—-very effective!