Do you ever wish you could eat everything and anything you want and not gain one pound?  I wish that all the time.  Some days, like today, I even pretend that is the case!   This morning I woke up as I typically do.  First thing in the morning, I roll out of bed and head to the gym.  My theory is, if your workout is in the morning, by the time you wake up—it’s over! 

I finished my workout, hit the shower, figured out what kind of fashionista I was going to be for the day—grabbed a pair of stilettos that matched and out the door I flew.  I was about halfway to the office when it hit me.  You guys all know what I’m talking about.  That sudden urge that all women know — it hits all of us without warning—consistently—the CHOCOLATE CRAVING!  Ok, so maybe it doesn’t hit all women, but I’d like to think it does to make myself feel better.

Anywhere else in the world, you could avoid that sugar craving.  In New York, it stalks you!  There are street vendors selling chocolate—bakeries with cupcakes and brownies—everywhere you look there are temptations—and in case you can’t see them—they deliver anytime, anywhere day or night!  It’s torture!  Everything is on demand!

I was successfully ignoring the chocolate stalker through the morning—I even made it through lunch and into the afternoon.  That chocolate stalker wasn’t going to get the best of me!  Until about mid afternoon when the chocolate stalker brought in reinforcements and had the sugar fairy join in!  It’s not right when they help each other out! 

As I’m leaving the office and riding the elevator to the lobby, I can feel myself caving in to the two little farts—   Their manipulation tactics are beyond what I can fight!  As I walked to the train, I stopped at a bodega to get a chocolate bar—if I just had a chocolate bar I’d be fine.  I had the bar half eaten by the time I hit the train.  During the 10 minute train ride, I devoured the other half and sat there thinking about chocolate—cupcakes—brownies—this wasn’t good.

Upon exiting the train station, there is a bakery.  Of course I stopped to get 2 cupcakes.  One to eat now and one for later—As if!  I devoured both and bought two more for later.  Walking down the street, I bought another chocolate bar from a street vendor.  This took me two blocks before I had to grab a brownie from another bakery.  As I entered my building I was on a sugar rush beyond words. 

When I entered my apartment—the two cupcakes I was carrying were calling me.  I sat down and decided that it was crazy to wait until later, I’d have them right then. I had successfully overdosed on chocolate and sugar on my commute home. 

This is why you should not deprive yourself of those great pleasures in life known as dessert!  Once the craving hits—it owns you!  If you eat a little every day, then you don’t crave it!  Besides—cake fixes everything! So have dessert first!

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