Christmas takes people to an entirely different place than the rest of the year. For some people the holiday season softens the heart. For others it brings out a sense of urgency to have everything decorated and wrapped. A select group become NFL fullbacks tackling elderly people for a discounted television or the toy of the year. Christmas also brings out the free spirited child buried inside.

A friend, her husband and myself had just finished dinner when her husband declared he needed to stop at Home Depot on the way back to their house. Home Depot—-the ultimate man cave experience. A place men should probably think twice before dragging women along. Most women know nothing about anything in a man cave store. We wonder around finding things to amuse ourselves, thereby embarrassing our male counterparts.

As we walked in, immediately we were greeted by Christmas decorations—-gift ideas—-toys—-this man cave store were taking aim at the one stop male shopper. My friend and I immediately focused in on a bin stuffed full of 5 foot tall stuffed bears. If small bears were great—-the enormous bears were incredible! We decided they would make wonderful body pillows.

Our attention spans were short, for as quickly as our focus drew on the bears, we lost focus and managed to scope out shelves of Christmas paraphernalia. Everything from a jack in the box popping up Micky Mouse to owls singing carols. The husband had already abandoned us—-he had concluded we were “embarrassing”.

As we rummaged through every item—-there they were—-the ultimate find! A Christmas helmet! What a find! Fully equipped with antlers…bells….lights….and a button. As I placed the unique hat on my friend’s head, I pushed the button. Suddenly—-without warning—-the hat began to chime “grandma got run over by a reindeer”! As it chimed the top of the hat swung back and forth in beat, complete with lights flashing! It was hilarious!

Hysterical laughter and dancing ensued. At which point each of us were wearing our own singing helmet—-dancing around and laughing. Other shoppers were laughing at our entertainment.

We searched the store and located the husband. If he wasn’t embarrassed before—-he was now. Of course we had to play the chime for him—-while wearing the helmets—-and laughing! “You guys are embarrassing!”, he said.

As adults, we forget to enjoy and laugh. It is times like Christmas, our inner child can jump out and create relaxing laughter that soothes the soul. It is true—-dance like nobody is watching!

Remember always to take the time to see the humor in life—-to enjoy what is in front of you—-dance with an open heart and never ever forget to laugh!