If you’ve been following state and federal mandates, you are one of the millions of people quarantined in their home.  Social Distancing—Remote Working—Online Learning—have become phrases within daily conversations.

Never again will we look at our homes the same.  From this point forward, new home purchases will be determined by a question “would this structure be a good quarantine location?”

My first NYC apartment was 600 square feet.  My living/dining/kitchen area were one long hallway.  I could sit on my sofa and change the channel with my foot.  Remote unnecessary.  It was an adventure.  A great starter 3 story walk up apartment.  I named it my, “compartment”.   I can’t imagine being in quarantine there.

Admit it — you’ve thought about the perfect place to quarantine.

No matter where you are living—hopefully you are quarantined to protect the greater good.

Quarantined.  A word equestrians use when importing a new prospect.  Whomever would have thought we would be using that word for the greater populous of humans in the world.

People are losing track of how many days they’ve been “locked down”.

Conversations are started with “Day # of the lock down and all’s well.  How are you holding up?”

We are quickly learning why dog’s get bored in the house and tear up furniture.

Also, a dog doesn’t need 35 walks a day.  They too tire out.

People are having conversations with household appliances.  One even had a conference with the microwave and stove.

Someone mentioned they didn’t get an opinion from the washer because that thing puts a different spin on facts.

If you hear the door tell you, “you’re unhinged”—time to take a walk and get fresh air.

Since the fridge isn’t going to lock itself after your 10th ice cream trip— maybe try getting out of your jammies and into some workout clothes.  Get those endorphins flying.

People are virtual dating.  Virtual working.  Virtual shopping.  Virtual exercising.  Virtual living.  It is possible to live a full life and never exit your living space.  Who knew?

Others are dressing up to stay home.  Just to feel “normal”.

None of us can avoid this pandemic.  Some have been labeled a “germaphobe” because they want everyone to practice safe distancing and quarantine methods.  I don’t want to test nature and see if I can beat the virus when there are easy, common sense ways to avoid it.  If that makes me a dreaded “germaphobe” I’ll gladly take the title.

Germaphobes unite!

Those that say they don’t care aren’t educated or are misinformed.  No sane, prudent individual would carelessly run amuck not caring about getting infected or worse—whom they infect.  Those individuals should be forcibly quarantined.

One Midwest manager proudly posted a sign for those feeling ill to please stay home and “corn teen” yourself.  I’m hoping that misspell was a joke.

As we push through these interesting times, one thing is for sure.  Good humor—creative ways to stay busy—a sound mind—staying connected to people —are all necessary.

We will come out stronger—better equipped to handle whatever is thrown at us.

Stay healthy and quarantine!