Have you ever decided to eat healthy?

Why is it women are always on a “diet”.  A statement you will never hear a female say, “I need to gain weight!” I’m fairly sure if I did happen by that statement it would cause my brain to malfunction.

Recently, I made a commitment to increase my exercise regime and eat healthy—-ok healthier.  There are some things a female should not give up.  Things like chocolate, the occasional french fry, nacho night and Starbucks runs. These keep one’s sanity in check.

So in my newfound “healthy” mode, I decided to be proactive and hard boil eggs to have for a quick grab healthy protein snack. This seems intelligent—-Right?

Please allow me to digress. Two days ago, I found an aromatherapy shower gel claiming to give “energy”. Of course I had to buy it. Who doesn’t want “energy”?

Now back to boiling the eggs. I had just walked in the door from a 6 mile run. Knowing it takes approximately 15 minutes roughly, I decided to be efficient and boil eggs while taking my shower. It feels pretty good to multi-task successfully! The eggs were boiling and up the stairs to the shower I went.

My new “energy” shower gel smelled wonderful. The smell—-very relaxing. Walking out of the shower I felt like a wet noodle. The same feeling you have after a great massage. As I sat down on my bed, I thought to myself, “I’ll just close my eyes for a second.” The energy shower gel was more on the level of tryptophan then caffeine.

I awoke to a very loud explosion and the smell of sulfer. THE EGGS!

I ran down the stairs to find my kitchen had become an episode of kitchen nightmares! Did you know when eggs boil to the point of all water evaporating they explode?  Completely blow up. I had an entire week of boiled eggs in pieces on the ceiling—-cabinets—-oven—-floor—-countertops—-everywhere —-and even places you can’t imagine.

I grabbed the pot from the stove as the last egg exploded. What a mess. My “energy” shower gel had backfired. My kitchen looked as if a food fight had taken place. After 3 hours of cleaning—-I have the cleanest kitchen on the block! My “health” kick no longer involves hard boiled eggs. Lastly, my “energy” shower gel has been changed to “tranquility”.

Sometimes multi-tasking isn’t the best option. Sometimes you are better off taking life one step at a time, eating chocolate and enjoying life. If you try to multitask too many things at once—-well—-things can explode.

The next item on my health food kick—-salad!