Think of the feeling you get when you are about to board a plane headed to your favorite vacation spot!    The excitement—anticipation—that is similar to the feeling you get during the start of Fashion Week!  All of the great designers are in full preparation mode to unveil their new lines for the coming season.  If you’re lucky enough to get an invite, it is an exciting experience.  You’re the first to know what will be in Fashion!  This week unveils Fall 2013.  The shows have been in rehearsals—the excitement is fierce—the anticipation is high! 

It is at this time that I reflect on how my personal style has developed through the years.  Everyone has their style icons and fashion don’t moments.  Ever notice that our incredible fashion moments rarely make it onto film—however—have a fashion don’t day and it will live forever!  If you were a teenager in the 80’s—we had a fashion don’t decade. 

This week, while preparing what outfits I will be wearing for the festivities, I began to reminisce through the years of my childhood and how one’s personal style cultivates itself.  Please allow me to digress—I was raised in a rural farming community.  Fashion was defined as boots, jeans and men’s t-shirts that typically had farming or beer advertisements on them.  If you were trendy you tucked them in and cinched them with a belt and a huge silver buckle.  If you were ultra trendy you had polo shirts that you wore instead of t-shirts which were purchased at the one clothing store in town that wasn’t targeted to farm wives over the age of 50.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, when we weren’t wearing boots, we wore our sneakers until holes broke through.  Yeah—that was cool.  A bit of difference from the fashion mecca that I live in today. 

A far cry from the stiletto collection that sits in my closet.  Roots are a good thing though—they create the base for where we grow from.  A great base gives us good footing to rise, grow and flourish.   

Our environment shapes our attitude—it is that attitude that shapes our style.  Style is what expresses our personality—mood—it is our expression without words, giving us confidence.  Ever notice how when you are in an outfit that you love—you feel good—smile more—walk taller?  When you feel strong and confident you are indestructible! 

My style today is a far cry from what it was while growing up.  As I sit and watch the catwalk showcasing Fall 2013—the small town girl remains within —while the fashion junky will be taking notes! 

There is a reason we get so excited with a perfect new outfit—getting into a smaller dress size—adding a new pair of shoes to our collection—we express ourselves with fashion!  Whether you are in couture or ready to wear—high price point or not—Clothes are more than just cloth that covers our bodies.  It is our expression. 

Find the style that affords your attitude and personality!   Everyone has heard the saying, “you are what you eat”!  Let’s create a  fashion saying, “let your style be your statement—your creative expression—your best shining through”!  Now put on your favorite outfit and strut!

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