Can these city dwellers walk straight on the sidewalk?  It’s this country girl’s first week in New York and my nerves are on overload.  I was up at the crack of dawn… got a great workout in at the gym in my building…and enjoyed smiles from the doormen as I exit my building.  My commute involves a 10 minute walk to the subway and then two trains to put me right on the corner of my office building.  I’ve heard stories about how brazen and tough New Yorkers are.  So I had my defense on.  Apparently the tough collected people were still sleeping as most on the streets were walking as if they were drunk.  Swaying back and forth across the sidewalk.  I’m trying to walk with purpose and pretend that I actually know what I’m doing and yet all of these people are weaving back and forth across the sidewalk.  It was as if I was in an alternate dimension.  The best is when they looked at me, walking straight, as if I was the one off beat.

Then I saw euphoria…a Starbucks…I immediately went in… no line…YES!  Raspberry green tea frappacino I bellowed out fast and excited…”we’re out of syrup” the girl behind the counter informed.  REALLY???!!!  What Starbucks on this planet runs out of syrup at 7:30 in the morning???  It was official…I was in an alternate universe.

I continued on to the subway and was proud of myself for finding the correct train.  It was actually waiting for me when I hit the platform.  Yes!  Everything was back in motion again…my first day’s commute was back on track.

The train in motion…I stood innocently on the subway, pretending I did not notice any other person on the train, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed two people hit the floor of the train.  A man and a woman were fighting…rolling around on the filthy subway car floor like two children on a playground.  Hitting each other in a full blown fight.  Did you know that there are numerous plain clothes police officers on the subways in New York?  I didn’t.  Before my brain could wrap around what was happening four men converged on this couple, pulling them apart like school children.  This of course required the subway to stop at the next stop.  AND…because of our litigious society…the police officers had to take statements from everyone on that particular car.  Of course that meant me.  I was in New York less than 24 hours and I’m already getting interviewed by the NYPD.  Welcome to my world…

Luckily, after a three hour delay…and meeting two of New York’s finest…I was bound for the office once again.  As I walked into my office and sat down at my desk…I leaned back and looked out my window…life in the city…if this was my first day…it was going to be an adventure!

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