Ever wonder what life would be like without pressure, judgment or stress?   They say society is hard on women…sometimes it’s women that are hard on women!  Although we should stick together…we instead divide and conquer.  Why are women so hard on each other?  Why do some make life so difficult for others?

I was in a meeting today that consisted of 20 people, 4 of which were women.  One woman in particular seemed insecure and uneasy to be there.  However, instead of relaxing, and blending in, she felt the need to pair off with another woman in the group.  Noses in the air, they spent the day reenacting an episode from Mean Girls.  Why do women do that?  Do they not realize that high school ended in—hhmmm—high school?  Why would you carry those insecurities of youth throughout your adult life? 

Not long ago, a significant other’s sister informed me that SHE was the sister and could make her brother think however she pleased.  Therefore, if I wanted to stick around, I better do whatever she asked me.  A threat—NICE!  In the same conversation she criticized everyone, including her brother and everything and then ended the conversation with “I need to pray that God helps me to be less judgmental”.  Excuse me?  Is that how this works?  We can be as mean as we want and then— pray?  Apparently, in her mind, that’s how it works.  Another memo I missed!

I started thinking about life’s lessons—how some stick—and some not so much.  Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to when we were kids, when societal pressures didn’t affect us and we just wanted a playground partner or someone to play street ball with?  When the most difficult decision was whether to swing or climb the monkey bars?  It didn’t matter if we were wearing a skirt or not!

Do you remember kindergarten?  That wonderful time in life where fashion consists of what we decide is our most favorite item of clothing and we wear it over and over again until our mother sneaks it away?  Where acceptance is a given—as long as you don’t run with scissors!  What happens between Kindergarten and College?  When did superficial overtake a great personality as a requirement for acceptance? 

Wear fashion—don’t let it wear you! Walk with purpose! Develop your own style!   The best style struts from the core!  The label is your own!

We each have individual paths in life.  Neither is better or worse, just different.  I can’t judge your path anymore than you can judge mine.  What we can do is eliminate the negativity and help each other along the way. A path is a journey.  An experience is a rest stop on that journey.  Rest areas are much less intimidating with a little company—safer too!  Remember Kindergarten’s best lesson?  Hold hands…look both ways…and don’t lose anyone! 

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