A day in lockdown—-with the exception of those working in an essential business we have all been in quarantine mode.  Social distancing—wearing a mask—washing hands for 20 seconds has become our reality.  A simple cough in public from allergies will lead to hysteria.  The popular chatter around what the “new normal” will look like once quarantine is over.

The positive effect—people are spending more time outside.  Walking—biking—jogging—anything to feel active.  People are meeting their neighbors for the first time in years.

Some are eating their way through the shutdown.

Others utilizing the time to exercise.

Dogs are thrilled with walks every hour.

Cats are dreading another day with humans in their house.

For some who live with a spouse and kids, isolation might be welcome. For others, the isolation will get to them.  It’s one thing to say you like being isolated from society.  It’s another thing to live it.  There is a difference between alone—and lonely.  One does not have to be by themself to feel lonely.  Some of the loneliest—have people around them nonstop.

There is a saying, “you have to live intentionally”.  Those words—live intentionally—my analyzer brain giving detailed examination.  There are some who think life is already preplanned—In life we just go through the motions.  It’s a way to justify being lazy.  If that were true—one could feasibly sit on a chair doing zero —their life would happen anyway.  To try at anything being irrelevant.

If it is true that we must live with a focused intent.  We must do the work to define our future.  Then we can’t be a leaf moving around in the water wildly.  We have to put oars in the water to guide ourself to where we want to go.  Staying centered—Calm—focused.

Sometimes to know where you want to go you have to know where you’ve been.  Society develops perceptions based on how we look—aesthetics.  I believe a lot of how we look is based on what’s happening internally.  If you’ve stayed engaged in life—stayed active—that’s part of it.  Nutrition is the other—food is medicine.  Healthy foods keep the body working at optimum performance.  Garbage in—the body breaks down.

Some say it’s easier to be older.  However, when we are older, we have many more memories to sift through.  If you’re lucky, they’re all good memories.

Make peace with whatever is looking at you in the mirror.  To be comfortable in your own skin. They say that comes with age.  In reality, that comes with wisdom.  The wisdom to not define yourself by family—money—status—or any other superficial theory.  The theories that weigh people down with superfluous ideas of success.  We should define ourselves by what really defines us—heart—trust—loyalty—our ability to love and be loved.  Legacies aren’t defined by wealth—they are defined by character.

In this virtual life we are living, one that affords remote working in pajamas and forces us to live within the lives we have built for ourselves—to solve the human equation—we need to add love—subtract hate—multiply good—and divide between truth and error!

Stay healthy!