Have you ever had a conversation that caused you to just sit in stunned silence? A few years ago, I received a call from my significant other to come and pick up his mother. He had taken her on a great mother/son weekend of spending time together. Unfortunately that was in theory—in reality she was working his last good nerve and he needed a driver to bring her home. Of course, I agreed. After all, I’m the eternal optimist; this could potentially be my future mother-in-law! She always seemed very nice to me. What could go wrong?

Everything seemed to be going well in the vehicle when we took off for our three-hour journey home. About halfway, I decided that it would be polite to offer to stop and have dinner. At which, she agreed. We found a quaint little pizza place in a great little New England town. Everything was going great! We were having that bonding moment that all of us hope to have with potential in-laws. We ordered our drinks and an appetizer in the middle of our great conversation. Things were going perfectly…she’s so nice…what could be so frustrating about this little grandmother? Then, without warning, it hit me like a jetliner with no landing gear: “Wow…you don’t eat very much for someone as BIG as you are!” What?! Did she really just call me…”BIG”??? Just what every female wants to be described as, BIG! In my attempt to save the conversation, I stated, “I didn’t realize I was tall until I moved East.” To which she replied, “Oh yes, and you’re tall, too, dear.” She wasn’t even willing to take the bone thrown at her.

Now, most women never speak of weight or size; however, to give you a better picture, in my heaviest state I’m a medium size 6. Most days I’m a small size 6. What morphs a mind to think that is “big”? No wonder we have eating disorders in this country! It was in that moment, that I was no longer hungry. My only focus was escorting this woman home as fast as possible, so that I could be free!

I wish that story ended here, oh how I wish it ended here. In my lack of better judgment, I told my significant other about what was said. From there on out, it became a joke to call me”big”. Furthermore, I was informed that “big” meant “tall”. Really?! Since when?! I must have missed that memo!

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