Have you ever been enjoying a great day only to get sabotaged into a bad mood?  I live under the notion that if I’m upright and breathing — it’s a good day! 

 There are rare instances when a bad day did exist—but those involved loved ones dying.  However, my conclusion is that I would rather go through the pain of losing them than to have never loved them at all.  Something I do not say about the majority of men I’ve dated! 

 Back to the good days—when you wake up in the morning you have a choice—embrace the day with a smile and good spirits—or find every negative, pessimistic focal point and  pit your stomach until you just want to eat fried food—chocolate—pizza—donuts—then feel fat and go back to bed.  We’ve all done that to some extent in our lives. 

 I choose to get up and embrace the day with good spirits!  It’s a better option for me.  Plus I also tend to workout more which releases even more fun endorphins and the world begins to get even brighter! 

 If you choose the same path —to embrace the world in a positive attitude—be warned.  There are sabotagers that only have one mission—to exterminate all positive, happy people!  The minute you are exposed to their negativity you will instantly become more negative and gloom will set in.  It is more infectious than breathing on an airliner at 30,000 feet!

 Have no fear—there is a solution!  When exposed to pessimists—who, by the way, typically hide behind terming themselves as realists—just smile and get away as fast as possible.  Do not stop to talk—if they call figure out a way to hang up—if they stop by — find a way to depart—anything to not be infected with the negative virus! 

 To be infected with the negative virus assures certain bad thoughts—dismal outlooks—negative outcomes.  Therefore, run from negativity before the virus has a chance to infect you!  All it takes is a few seconds around negativity for it to strike.

 A positive outlook is our decision to make.  Do not let anyone make it for you.  Embrace the day—seize the moment—stand up straight—hold your head high —and strut! 

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