This week has been a heavy walking week.  In the city your primary transportation source are your feet.  This week has been particularly trying on the tootsies.  I decided to give myself a treat and get a pedicure.  It seemed like an innocent, quiet treat. 

My meeting finished early, I walked down to the spa and asked if there was a walk in opening for a pedicure—there was!  I quickly picked my color and sat in the comfy chairs.  Why is it that a foot massage is better than chocolate or alcohol combined?

 As I relaxed and forgot about my aches and pains—a woman walked over and sat in the chair beside me.  She apparently needed foot therapy too. She had a briefcase and the largest drink cup I’d ever seen—she was thirsty!

  We sat quietly—reading our magazines and relaxing.  Just as euphoria had kicked in, her phone rang.  It was the loudest, most annoying ring I’d ever heard.  Something similar to an alarm at a nuclear power plant.  Both of us jumped startled at the sound—except she had “the drink”—which ended up on me—latte something or other was now my wardrobe.  I could smell the vanilla—and it wasn’t sugar free as I was instantly sticky.

  She looked at me with a look as if to say, “please don’t hurt me”.  I felt sorry for her.  In the midst of the silence I said, “do I wear it well?” and grinned.  We both busted out laughing and the tension immediately left. 

  We sat the remainder of the time chatting and having girl talk.  Sometimes in life, we just have to laugh and help each other out of embarrassment!