Have you ever had someone in your life that literally stops you in your tracks for a smile and a laugh? My friend’s husband is that very person for the both of us. He manages to take the most innocent of circumstances and turn them in to something hysterical!

Not long ago, my friend and I were out shopping. Upon returning to their house, we found her husband sitting in his chair putting lotion on his legs and feet. He had an uncomfortable fidget as he was rubbing his lower legs and feet—-holding the pump bottle in one hand and rubbing vigorously with the other. His face filled with a squint that clearly showed his discomfort.

“What’s the matter?” My friend asked her husband. “I have dry skin. I’ve been putting lotion on my legs over and over, except the itch is getting worse—-not better!” He continued to put lotion on his hand and rub it vigorously into his legs and feet.

My friend stared at her husband in shock, then began to laugh. “That bottle has shampoo in it!” She exclaimed in amusement. “I bought a large economy bottle of shampoo. Then I bought a small bottle to transfer it to so it didn’t take up as much room. That is the bottle I put it in!”

Her husband looked at her. The wheels of deduction spinning ferociously in his head. All of us stood in silence for several seconds, pondering what had just happened. Then hysterical laughter filled the room!

He stood up from his chair and walked into the bathroom to shower. “Be careful you don’t slip on the shower floor! Shampoo is slippery when wet!” We exclaimed in laughter! “Well at least my feet will be clean!” He yelled from behind the door.

Sometimes in life, we get so wrapped up in routine, we forget to verify what’s in the bottle. The result can lead to an undesirable result.

Always take time to enjoy life. Pay attention to the people that love and care for you. Above all—-communicate—-laugh—-and always pay attention to what’s in your bottle!