If someone put a mirror in front of your face—would you like what you see?  What a great litmus test for internal development. 

Sometimes in this world of haves versus have nots—designer versus contemporary —we forget what is truly important.  The shoes—clothes—accessories—they all are meant to compliment the amazing person that wears them.  Let the fashion wear you—and you become merely a mannequin. 

I was walking down one of the most famous fashion districts in the world the other day.  It can be very intimidating watching the beautiful women in their perfect outfits, complimented with the perfect pocket book and highlighted by pristine jewelry.  A woman caught my eye.  She was blonde—very tall and thin—perfect aesthetically in every way.  She was the kind of woman that could stop traffic. 

She was with a man that had a very commanding presence.  He looked like he could be famous.  One of those “Prince Charming” types that all girls dream of.  They were together— out for a day of shopping.  She seemed to have it all—the clothes—the man—the life. 

Time passed as I wondered around from shop to shop.  I stopped for a cup of hot chocolate and continued on.  A window display caught my eye—I went in to hunt for my next fashion treasure!  As I approached the back of the store—I noticed Prince Charming sitting in a chair—the blonde was standing in front of the three way mirror—she had on a dress that hid nothing and proved she was perfection by every societal and magazine definition.  This was just too perfect to be true—seriously?!    

As I tried not to stare—wishing I had her curves—dreaming of her life—I heard him say, “You really need to lose weight.  You are getting pudgy.” 

What?!  How could this be?  Perfect women have perfect lives—or do they? 

As the blonde dropped her head and walked back into the dressing room, I found myself aching for her.  Women have a tough enough time with societal pressures to be “perfect”.   I thought to myself with any “perfection” comes it’s consequences. 

I continued shopping—found a little treasure and headed for the counter.  Prince Charming was just ahead of me, pulling out his wallet.  Apparently, there had been chocolate left in the chair by the dressing room as he had a small portion of a chocolate bar on the rear of his tan slacks.  He didn’t notice.   

Standing in amazement, wondering if I should say something—when a girl in her 20’s walked by and said, “Excuse me sir, but you have Doody on your slacks.”  One has to love Karma!

We should appreciate what we have been given as opposed to what someone else has, there will always be someone that you think has a better life or is younger—more attractive—in better shape—but there will only be one you.  Walk with the unique individuality you have been given.  My grandmother used to say, “Jealousy is a cruel manifestation of the uncultured.”  We should appreciate each other for who we are.  Band together to help each other stand tall. 

Fashion is exciting and affords us the ability to be creative—Fashion is a reflection of our personality.  Each individual wearing in a different way.  Like makeup—fashion should enhance not overpower.  It is an expression of ourselves—not the definition. 

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