Have you ever noticed the stress of last minute shopping? People watching this time of year is better than at the airport! From the men that haven’t a clue what to get for the women in their lives—-to the screaming children demanding everything from the most wanted toys to their favorite holiday candy. Which always brings up the question in my mind, “why is everything delicious for the holidays so negatively impactful on the waistline? Most years, I swear that there are tiny elves invading my closet and stitching my clothes smaller —- as all get smaller after New Year’s! Why do we not have holiday healthy food everyone craves?

Today I had a stroke of ignorance and decided to tackle holiday shopping—-2 days before Christmas. Insanity was at peak. With the holiday shopping rush, I entered into the crazed crowds of last minute shoppers. Amazingly enough—- people survive this rush every year.

As for me—-I lasted about an hour before running, screaming to my vehicle. I left the parking lot with no hope of return. Of course my mind changed my driving map directly to the nail salon where I did what any sane woman would do—-headed for a stress reducing mani/pedi.

The pedicure was amazing! I stood up and headed to the next station for my manicure. As my back side hit the chair on wheels in front of the manicurist—-the chair began to roll backwards gaining speed with each second. My voice chirped, “Help!”, as my arms reached out for the small man behind the station. His eyes opened wide with amazement —- his arms reaching for me. Luckily, he locked on my arm before I rolled into the waiting area—-pulling me in to safety.

Why did I not use my feet you ask? I would have messed up my pedicure! Sometimes a girl must do what is necessary.

With the shopping experience over —- the rollaway manicure chair locked down—-and my digits shining brightly—-today ended with complete relaxation.

In life, it is necessary to know when to vacate a stressful environment—-when to reach out for help —- and when to relax and get pampered!