Have you ever wondered why shoe shopping is so much fun?  In my case, I love shoes.  In the worst mood possible—throw me into a shoe department and I’m instantly happy again!  They are my form of candy!  Shoes are always kind.  In rare cases the size changes, but typically shoe shopping is predictable with a happy outcome.

Whoever discovered retail therapy probably was talking about shoes.  They are uncomplicated and can snap any outfit.  Spring is directly around the corner which means that Spring shoes are moving their way into my favorite retail haunts.  Happy Day! 

I was on one of my ‘retail therapy’ shoe shopping excursions the other day—the sales clerk was a young girl—in her 20′s—very perky—a smile that lit up the entire department.  Her laughter was infectious.  She was speaking to me about how wonderful the weather had been this winter and how she was enjoying not walking around in the cold.  Retail therapy was in full throttle now! 

Then—it struck without warning—a woman joined us in the retail therapy zone— from the looks of things she was suffering from chronic negativity.  (I’ve mentioned that ‘attitude’ problem in an earlier blog)  Her mission was to infect all of us.  She apparently had nothing to be positive about in her life.  Her face had a deep frown that pulled her expression down to her shoulder blades.  She was not a very tall woman and apparently forgot to eat most days as she was nothing more than a skeleton with skin on it.  When did starvation become attractive?  One could not help but feel pity for her.

As she spoke to the perky young girl —she mentioned that maybe the girl should “lay off of the cookies”.  “Men do not like plump women!” she exclaimed.  My manners almost left me as I wanted to say, “they don’t like emaciated skeletons either my dear”.  However, I kept restrained and in my own business.  The negativity was not going to infect me! 

As the young girl walked back to me —I noticed that she had a look of strain on her face.   Negativity was setting in—as she approached me I smiled and chuckled—all I could think of was the best line in Forrest Gump—”stupid is as stupid does!” I exclaimed.  The young girl chuckled—retail therapy had commenced once again!

Why it is that women with the most problems are most critical of every other woman is beyond me.  If you want to emaciate yourself to the point of starvation—be negative—hate life—see dark in all —that’s your prerogative.  However, do not judge everyone else that happens to embrace life.  Attractive is not negative—or starved—or pessimistic.  Attractive is healthy—happy—optimistic and positive! 

Whatever happened to the phrase, “if you can’t say something nice—say nothing at all!”  We should go back to the basics on social graces.  As women—society is critical enough on us!  Between what a “perfect woman “ should look like—what the “perfect size” should be—and what defines “good looking”—we are inundated with propaganda of what we should look like. 

We should band together and strengthen each other.  Especially our young ladies that have yet to understand how critical things can be.    Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  We should see each other as beautiful individuals.   After all, beauty is much deeper than surface level.  Remember the movie ‘Shallow Hal’?  It was a great portrayal of looking at people for who they are as people. 

My challenge is to see the beauty in everyone!  Stay optimistic!  Be positive! 

There will be days that things get beyond stressful—go shoe shopping!  Shoes always fit!  Snatch up your new kicks—and strut!