I grew up somewhere between the movies Footloose and The Help.  The difference?  It was legal to dance and people didn’t care what color you were, if you were different in the slightest, they were going to isolate you.  It wasn’t the town’s population number that made it unique but the fact that it is so isolated from everything else.  There weren’t malls to hang out at… we were forced to entertain ourselves.  This often required a visit to the emergency room and a lecture from one of the parental figures…if not both.  Life was uncomplicated then.  I rode my horses, went to school and did my homework.  Typically in that order.  Young ladies were coached to grow up, get married and have children.  Preferably in that order, although a few confused that and had children first.  I apparently was daydreaming during those life lessons as I’m not married…no children and I try very hard to not act like a grown up unless I have to.  On one trip “home”, one of the elderly ladies of the community after hearing that I was not married and had no children, took my hands into hers and barked “I’m so sorry God has cursed you this way”— honestly.  Ever find yourself at a loss for words that won’t get you thrown into jail?  

 It’s at these times that a great pair of shoes makes all the difference in the world.  How you ask?  I’ve found that the most unique stiletto creates the ultimate speaking piece, ice breaker and savior.  You might think “savior” seems a bit over the top to describe a pair of shoes.  However, if you’ve ever been singled out as having a black cloud over your head, cursed by God or the worst one—that face that is made showing disapproval.  It doesn’t matter as to what.  Those all go away with one, “where did you get those shoes?”

A great pair of stilettos and you’re towering over everyone!  They are like Samson’s hair giving power and strength.  After all, shoes always fit, no matter what the scale reads.  Shoes always look fresh, no matter how hot and humid the day.  Shoes embark attitude that exudes from the inside out!  It’s not just a pair of shoes—they are therapy in motion! 

The next time you want to turn to dunking cookies in coffee while watching sappy chick flicks.  Or inducing yourself into a chocolate coma—my advice is to grab your sexiest pair of kicks, a couple of your closest girlfriends and strut!  Even if it is directly to the kitchen to get the cookies and coffee!

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