What exactly is “normal”?  The holidays are over and I hear the statement “finally things are back to normal”!  But what does that mean? 

Walking home yesterday, the sidewalks were packed.  It was amazing how many people could squeeze onto a sidewalk!  As I moved with the crowd and approached a street light, a man was walking towards me.  He was very tall, broad and by the looks of him was on a phone conversation that was not making his day. 

As he approached me, I attempted to get out of his path.  However, with so many people to maneuver around, it was impossible.  He hit me straight on better than a linebacker’s tackle in the superbowl!  Instantly, my body was airborne and then on my butt.   I looked up to see the man walking away, carefree of the fact that he had just knocked me down.  Things were back to “normal” —the kindness the holidays bring was definitely over!

This time of year, the many layers of clothing help to insulate our bodies from the cold.  In this case, the layers I was wearing were able to cushion my tail bone from injury.  As I sat in bewilderment for a split second, people began to fall over me.  How could they not see me?  Apparently, a person on the sidewalk is invisible if they are not standing. 

In a matter of seconds, 10 people were on the ground in different positions.  We were a pile of bodies on a busy city sidewalk!  A teenage girl at the bottom of the pile began to laugh.  Before long, all on the ground were laughing!  Isn’t it amazing how laughter can become contagious! 

People were stopping and laughing with us—with no idea as to what they were laughing at!  It was an amazing moment in time! 

A man put out his hand to help each of us up.  One by one, we were back on our feet—still laughing—introducing ourselves—enjoying the moment. 

As we parted ways — still strangers —never to see each other again—it was this memory of an enjoyable moment in time that we will remember.  A frustrating situation from a rude man knocking me down—turned into a moment of laughter and fun to be remembered fondly. 

I would love to let that teenage girl know the great deed that she accomplished — what she gave all of us in that moment in time.  To take a frustrating situation into a moment of laughter and enjoyment.  It was a great example of what is basic and true in this world.  All we have to do is be there for each other—hold hands—make sure to not lose anyone—always try to find the positive —and remember to laugh!

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