Have you ever had one of those days where your balance and grace stayed in bed and what you’re walking around with is something between Lucille Ball and Steve Martin? Those days seem to be happening more often then lately. Considering the time and care my grandmother took to teach me poise and grace—-I envision her patient, yet frustrated expression every time one of those moments pops into my world. It’s at those times, I chuckle at myself and appreciate the memories.

On one of those awkward days, my friend and I were decorating my master bathroom. We have fun decorating together. She has an amazing eye—-I make a great grunt to position or hang where instructed to do so. The bathroom has a huge tub tucked in one corner with a chandelier perfectly positioned overhead. Probably not the best spot for a hanging electrical device—-but it looks good! The faucet positioned perfectly in the middle of the long side closest to the bathroom floor. My friend had found the perfect piece of art to hang on one of the walls next to the tub. Our mission — hang said art on the wall–and we commenced. With her eyeballing the wall from the middle of the room– my job– to climb into the tub—-measure the spot—-hold the art for perfect eyeball alignment—-nail the hanger in the wall and put the piece on it. Seems simple enough—-except when Lucille Ball and Steve Martin enter your body at the same time.

Remember the faucet I spoke of earlier? It is perfectly positioned—-unless you are climbing into the tub. As I swung my leg over the side, my knee tapped the faucet handle. Water began to fall. Already in forward motion, my foot dropped into the bottom of the tub. My first instinct was two fold—-shut the water off—-don’t get wet! However, my body apparently can not perform both functions at the same time. While in motion, I reached for the handle to shut off the water. This set in motion my body lunging forward. In an effort to not get wet and stop the forward motion I attempted a jump onto the ledge of the tub wall. This was a big fail. The motion flipped my body—-arms flailing—-legs up—-I hit the side of the tub and slid down — falling into the water–face up. To my surprise—-I had my very own indoor water park!

Stunned silence as I took inventory—-”Can I feel my arms—-yes! Can I feel my legs—-yes! Do I have fingers and toes wiggling—-yes! I’m good!” Looking up I noticed the stunned look on my friend’s face. It Informed me with certainty there should be injury. Luckily there wasn’t a single break. As my clothes soaked in the water—-boldly I exclaimed “I’m good!” while giving two thumbs up—- laughter filled the room. We were laughing so hard it was impossible for either to move.

Eventually we collected ourselves—-I crawled out of the tub with my clothes like a waterfall—-put dry clothes on—-and we continued our mission. The art was placed perfectly on the wall without incident.

In life, great-true friends are difficult to come by. Moments where you laugh from within your core so hard your eyes water and stomach hurts are rare. Mixing both together is a memory you will remember always.

Hanging the art isn’t what is important–it’s the memories created in the process that count!

Sometimes in life—-no shoes are required!