It’s difficult to make new friends in a new city.  I am lucky enough to have found a building that most of the residents are friendly.  It is because of this that most people I have met also live in my building.  My newest friend invited me to a birthday party they were throwing.  There are party rooms in the building that residents can rent.  These rooms are fully equipped with wet bars, flat screen televisions and sound systems.  They are the perfect place to throw a party and this was where the birthday party was located.  My commute required me to go down an elevator, who can argue with that! 

I was told “not to be even a minute late”!  Therefore, I arrived at promptly 7:30pm.  Upon entering the party, there was a bartender mixing drinks to my left, a woman sitting on a sofa talking to the bartender on my right and directly in front of me was my friend, the mayor of the building!  He promptly greeted me and introduced me one by one to everyone entering both before and after me.  Before long, there were upwards of 50 people socializing at the party.  It was quite the shin dig!  As I sat chatting with a couple, a gentleman walked up with my friend and was promptly introduced to me.  As my friend walked away, he leaned in and whispered, “He’s single”!

Great, no one told me there would be single men at this party!  Actually, make that singular.  He was the only single man, and I was the only single female.  It was like we were on Noah’s Ark and the last two paired off.  As we made small talk, it just so happens that we both grew up in small towns, in states that were right next to each other.  In fact, he went to college very close to my home town.  Who would have thought in such a large city, I’d meet anyone that had even heard of the area I grew up—let alone having stood on the main street!  Excitement set in!

As the conversation became more and more interesting, dinner was served.  Salmon with rice and asparagus spears.  Yummy!  It was a quaint dinner, so we were all wedged together as everyone began to eat.  Have you ever had salmon?  It is typically soft and easily pieced apart with a fork.  This salmon, had apparently sat in the warmer for too long, as it was a ball of rubber.  When I went to cut it with my fork, barely touching the side — it launched off my plate and landed directly across from me—in a lady’s lap.  Apparently flying salmon is very scary as she screamed and fell over backwards in her chair—crashing to the floor legs in the air.  The rice went flying all over everyone around me, including the single guy.  You could have heard a mouse fart as everyone stopped and stared at me.  It was the longest 10 seconds of my life! 

I had finally met people, was at a party, met a single guy and now everyone was wearing my dinner.  I wanted to stand up and profess, “I do have table manners—really!”. 

Lucky for me, just as the silence began to pierce my brain, in rolled the birthday cake— candles burning!  Everyone forgot about my dinner they were wearing, migrated towards the cake and began to sing to the birthday boy.  I slowly made my way towards the door—slipped out and hit the elevators.  As the saying goes, “birthday cake fixes everything!” 

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