Have you ever wished that the average model would be 60 pounds heavier?  Women are inundated with the “perfect” figure, shape, weight, hair—the list goes on and on!  From the time we hit puberty we are pressured to act, talk, dress and look a certain way.  It’s no wonder we’re the stronger gender!  Don’t tell the men, we’ll just keep it our little secret.  So why is it that with society pummeling down on us, some women feel the need to make life even more difficult for the rest of us?   In New York in particular, I’ve noticed that you are accepted no matter what gender, size, shape, race, color, sexual orientation you are—but wear the wrong pair of shoes and you’re dead!

This week I’ve been stuck monitoring a new employee training session.  This for me is torture by lack of movement!  However, during this week in particular, it’s been rather interesting.  Typically, there are very few females.  This week, there happen to be 6 females in a group of 23, not including me.  When people step into environments out of their comfort zone, it’s interesting how they interact.  In this case, 5 of the women, very insecure with socializing in a new environment, created a “pack”.  It was like a bad scene from the movie “Mean Girls”!  I have been shocked and amazed at what I have witnessed this past week, and it’s only Wednesday!  These women’s ages range from late 20’s to late 40’s—they are wives, mothers and professionals.  Yet they act like they are awkward high school kids mocking everyone else to make themselves feel more comfortable.  They are giggling, whispering behind people’s backs, making comments about how people are dressed—how they talk—what they look like—Really?  Is it necessary to relive high school?  They have even managed to completely shun the one female not in their “club”. 

As I’m sitting and watching this juvenile behavior, it hit me, no wonder instances of bullying hit the news almost daily.  How can we expect the children of today to behave better than the parents do?  My guess is that the children of these women behave as poorly as they do.  As adults, aren’t we supposed to set good examples?  How can we lecture children on behavior if our behavior is less than acceptable? 

In a separate instance a few years ago, I met my first “mean girl” in my adulthood.  She is the sister of a guy I was dating.  I tried to befriend her, as it’s always good to have the sister on your side, right?  However, she kept comparing me to her, which was ridiculous considering there is absolutely no common denominator between us.  She is a very angry, anorexic, depressed, negative and mean person.  Her only goal in life is to make sure everyone else is miserable to validate herself.  I wanted to say, “Do you ever just get tired of being mean?”  However, I kept those thoughts to myself.

Where do women get the knee jerk reaction to compare and compete with other women?  It doesn’t make any sense.  Society comes down on women hard enough without women making things even more difficult.  Shouldn’t we enjoy each other’s differences and stand together to make each other stronger as opposed to the “divide and conquer” mentality?  

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