Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.  These are the words of a song that we used to sing at camp when I was a kid.  Although I’m not sure I truly understood the meaning of it until recently.  Great friends we can stop communicating with for any period of time, but when we do finally meet again, we pick up and it’s as if we never missed a beat. 

Recently, I had friends visiting from the Mid-West.  It wasn’t until they arrived that I realized how excited I was to have them here!  We chatted and laughed—ate our way through the city — and managed to see most every major landmark in the few days they were here.  Of course, we also found time to go shoe shopping!  Ok—and handbag shopping as well!  It was a great time!  It’s an even better time when we girls can bond while finding a great pair of shoes!  Who am I kidding — we can make a shopping trip into a complete social event, right? 

When you live in the city, the day to day can consume you.  The energy alone causes you to never stop running or reaching for more.  There is never enough success — or money — or time. 

However, when my friends came to visit, it grounded me once again.  Spending time with them—talking and laughing—made me once again realize the important things in life.  Stay grounded, always remember what is truly important and never sell out your soul—no matter where you live. 

The city can be an amazing place.  It’s challenging—rewarding—and ultra competitive.  It is your friends that keep your footing stable.  Whether they be new friends—old friends—or somewhere in between.

Marilyn Monroe was correct, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!”  I’ll add to that and say, “Give a girl the best of friends, and she can find the confidence to put those shoes on!”

Thank you to all of my friends that keep my footing solid!