Have you ever felt like cleaning instead of sleeping?  Today was one of those mornings for me.  My brain wouldn’t shut down, so I decided to give up on sleep and clean the apartment.  I was a multi-tasking, cleaning dynamo!  While the washer and dishwasher were hard at work, I was cleaning the bathrooms—mopping the floors—vacuuming—dusting— I even had the music machine playing great tunes while I worked!  Things were going great!  This was much more gratifying than frustrating myself trying to sleep!

I grabbed the bottle of multi-purpose cleaning spray and began to wipe off the bathroom counters—went on to the kitchen counters—they cabinets — the barstool seats—even the top of the kitchen cooking vent.  I was a cleaning powerhouse! 

Feeling proud of myself — I went to the kitchen to put the cleaning spray away.  As I opened the cabinet to put it back, I noticed that the multi-purpose spray was already in its place.  What?  How did it get there when the bottle was in my hand? 

Looking at the bottle — I had been cleaning with spot remover gel!  Sleep cleaning isn’t as gratifying as I thought.  Laughing at myself — I grabbed the bottle of multi-purpose spray — and started again!

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