Are you a fan of “Sex and the City”?  I watched a few episodes here and there and I’ve seen both movies.  I have to say that I wasn’t much of a fan of the series but the movies were entertaining.  If you are familiar with the show, the main actress, Carrie Bradshaw, struts around in amazing shoes alongside her friends.  My favorite part of the entire show was the shoes! 

During my younger years, I imagined what it would be like to live in such a high fashion urban environment.  When a dinner engagement turns into a fashion statement.  When a shopping trip turns into an adventure.  And now I’m here.

The other night I was invited to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  I was excited to finally get out onto the town!  It was time to fashion up! 

My choices for the night were a blue leather mini dress and cream stilettos.  I strutted out of my building as if I was born in this city. 

Lucky for me, the cab was an SUV, so there was no contortion needed to enter or exit the vehicle.  Remember the show?  They always were at the door or in the cab already —the reason you ask?  Because it is impossible to get in or out of a cab gracefully!  If the cab is a car, you sink into the seat and fall in—conversely getting out you have to contort yourself as if getting out of a sinking sofa. 

As my dinner date and I arrived at the restaurant, the chatter filled the 2 story building, almost deafening to the ear. This was city night life—loud—dim lights—crowds of people—exciting!  I was in my very own episode of Sex and the City!

After dinner we exited the restaurant, the weather was perfect so I suggested we walk for a bit.  I was thinking a couple of blocks—maybe three or four.  After all, Carrie Bradshaw was always strutting down the streets of the city!

As we walked, I found myself dodging cracks—holes—chips and other things in and on the concrete.  Hmmm—I don’t remember Ms. Bradshaw having to dodge anything.  The sidewalks are also slanted—why you ask?  I’m thinking it’s a stiletto test to see who can actually walk in their shoes. 

I passed the walking test, although I’m sure it wasn’t as graceful and sexy as intended.  It’s difficult to strut while walking on a slanted sidewalk — dodging cracks to avoid destroying your shoes! 

Instead of walking two or three blocks, we ended up walking the entire distance back to my building.  An entire mile!  Have you ever walked a mile in stilettos?  Let’s not forget slanted and on a cracked broken sidewalk. 

As I walked into my building—relief set in.  The floor was flat—no more cracks to dodge—and the air conditioning was running perfectly!

 Off the elevator and onto my floor, I opened my pocketbook to get my key—nothing —I had locked myself out!  Back to the first floor to get a key I went.  As I hit the button to the elevator—giggling to myself — I had tackled my first night out in the city— it was a new outlook — even though the sidewalk may be slanted against you — the cracks may be trying to trip you — stand up straight — dodge them all — and strut!

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