Stumble Steps

Have you ever noticed when something embarrassing happens you’re never alone? The other day—while walking out of the office — down the stairwell—I was speaking to one of the young girls from another department. Quickly noticing she had exchanged her heels for flip flops—we began to talk about shoe comfort.

I’m one of those odd women that has more grace in heels. Although I love flip flops—walking forward in them is a challenge. Tripping down is more what is accomplished.

As we spoke about grace and tripping—walking down the stairs—me in front and her two steps behind—suddenly I felt my ankle give. You know the feeling—when the realization hits that falling is inevitable! Fall I did! I went flying forward—down two steps—my pocketbook flying into the air— and landed on all fours like a dog at the bottom of the stairs. My butt in the air—of course—the worst position possible!

Completely embarrassed—I immediately jumped to my feet—laughed it off and kept going. My fear—tomorrow the entire office would be whispering about my fall from grace. Maybe I could find another job by tomorrow—disguise myself—call in sick for a week until something new distracted everyone—what should I do?

The next day—nothing. Not a word. Maybe I managed to slide by unscathed!

Three days later —while speaking to a colleague—strength came up in conversation. “You are tougher than anyone here!” She professed. Why would she say that? She knew very little about me. She continued, “the other day you fell down the stairs—no blood or broken bones—in fact—no ambulance was needed! You merely jumped up—shook it off—never missed a beat and kept going! I’m not going to mess with you!”

What I thought would be an embarrassing moment —turned into a life defining moment. Sometimes in life we have to just shake it off—move on! Afterwards—let whatever happens—happen at will—lastly, always remember to hold your head high and strut!

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