If you are an adult female, at some point in your life you have probably been on a dreaded “diet”. As women, society judges us based on aesthetic definitions of what is considered “acceptable” for weight—-beauty—-or whatever else can be compartmentalized for classification. When did six foot tall and an emaciated size two become attractive? Marilyn Monroe—-an icon for beauty and female sexuality was actually a size 12. Her curves remain the envy of many to this day.

Recently, a friend of mine and I started a “healthy” eating lifestyle change. This includes all organic, low sugar and low fat. We are eating clean six days of the week and on one very blessed day—-we do not count calories and are able to indulge—- a little. What that translates to is six days of dreaming of what we will eat on our “cheat” day and one day of happiness typically leading to a sugar high or stomach ache—-or both. What we’ve learned is that our brains can dream up what our stomachs can not hold. Therefore, we start out each cheat day with high hopes but have finished with very little consumed. Each week we have the priority of things that are on the “must eat” list. Our realization has been that even though we have the free reins to cheat—-we often aren’t that bad. We do eat chocolate—-let’s not lose our minds here. In our minds, and I’m sure most women, chocolate is a necessary food group.

This week, my friend’s children decided they needed hot fudge sundaes—-not on a cheat day! We decided to to hit the drive through and deliver their sweet treats. As we approached the drive through—-the smell of sweet heaven filled the vehicle. My mouth began to water like a dog looking at food! I was safe I thought as the drive through typically will put a plastic lid on any sundae traveling—-right? Not so lucky—-no lids. Why no lids? What kind of evil doesn’t put a lid on a sundae! Do they not know this isn’t a cheat day? I suddenly found myself sitting with four beautiful—-yummy dream cups sitting in a holder on my lap. Heaven in a holder—-within reach. “Don’t look at them!” I thought to myself. Too late. The yummy flavor of hot fudge and ice cream filled the vehicle. My friend and I trying to convince ourselves we wouldn’t like them—-it wasn’t our cheat day—-we’d worked too hard to indulge—-and who would steal treats from children. Of course traffic was also backed up which caused the dilemma to extend in time! “They’re going to melt! We really should eat them!” I exclaimed in a weak moment of fudge smell consuming my brain. My mouth continuing to water. My friend looking at me—-controlled—-collected—-she calmly stated, “we can do this!” She was the voice of reason.

Then the word came to mind that will alter any weak moment we as women might have—-CELLULITE! That word will cause any craving I have to immediately exit my brain! With that, my weakness left my body.

We pulled into the drive—-all sundaes in tact. Not an ounce of drool on them. We had passed another test of willpower—-victorious! Feeling empowered we headed off for our snack of organic fruit!

Not a thing in life worth accomplishing happens uncomplicated or simple. As the saying goes—-the greater the reward the more difficult the obstacle! Challenge yourselves to greater obstacles! Hold your head high—-and strut!