In the city—apartment buildings abound.  Upwards of eight hundred or more people live on one city block.  These urban dormitories compete against each other by the amenities they offer.  Depending on the amenities you want will dictate the building you choose.  I was no different in choosing a place to call home.  My building boasted a great gym, outdoor patio space,  an onsite doggie daycare and a huge staff of superintendents to handle any and all repairs needed.  These superintendents are nicknamed as “supers”.

 Please allow me to digress for one second and introduce you to my ultra pampered pup.  He is an 80 pound, mixed breed ball of love.   His favorite things to do are snuggle, get scratches and play with his toys.  In his mind, he is a “people” and would rather be with people.  He doesn’t bark or growl—is very mellow and well behaved.  He also lives for treats.  In short—the puplet is the best dog ever.  No bias here.

 Yesterday, while adjusting the thermostat, I noticed it was flashing “filter”.  This indicates the filter needs replacing.  Luckily, in a building full of supers—a filter is just a phone call away. 

 I made the call and took the trash out.  Coming back from the rubbish room—I met one of the supers in the hallway.  He had a new filter in hand and was headed towards my door.

 We exchanged hellos as I opened my door and walked into my living room.  My dog was lying on the living room floor, eating a treat.  He was content and in his own world.  Very similar to how I am while eating chocolate. 

 The super walked in behind me.  As he rounded the corner and approached the living room—he noticed there was a dog in the apartment—as he whispered “I’m afraid of dogs!”  His knees were noticeably shaking.  Before I could say a word, the super’s eyes rolled into the back of his head—his knees buckled— and he dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.  What just happened? 

 My dog was focused on eating his treat completely unaware of the super.  I was standing in amazement at the body collapsed on my floor.

 With a dog lying on one side of my living room floor and a super lying on the other—I called downstairs to ask for some assistance.

 Before anyone arrived at my apartment, the super came alive again.  As I helped him to sit up—my dog trotted over to say hello.  The super took one look at the jovial puppy face—his eyes rolled back in his head and he went limp again. 

 I had a man terrified of dogs and a dog wanting attention from the man.  I found it to be a great combination! 

 In what seemed like forever—help arrived at my door.  Another super and paramedics.  I put the pampered pup in the bedroom as the paramedics took care of the body on the floor.

 Before long the super was awake and speaking.  “I’m very afraid of dogs”, he said.  In case we happened to have missed that fact.

 They rolled the man on a gurney out of my apartment as my dog sat at the bedroom door watching.  As they rolled by, one of the paramedics noticed him sitting—smiling— and wagging his tail —he gave him a pat on the head and said “Yeah—I’d be afraid of this little muffin too!” 

 Life is all about perspective!