Dogs are known for being a human’s best friend. They are goofy when we need a laugh. Snugglers when we need a hug. Sometimes they are possessed by monsters causing them to do things like chew up shoes—-tear up papers—-or grab underwear out of the laundry, running through the house shaking them while you are having a dinner party with your co-workers.

My friend has a particularly interesting Boston Terrier. This little one we fear is possessed by a circus troup. There are times it is possible to hear the circus music through the look on her face while watching her run around like a ding-a-ling. She has two speeds—-lying belly down in the grass with back feet stretched out like a sunbathing frog—-and full throttle complete with tongue dangling fully equipped with a goofy face.

Living in the rural part of town on acreage affords lucky dogs abilities those in the city are not afforded. The largest benefit being they can roam the acreage as well as other properties. This little tyrant typically spends her time finding things around the neighborhood to tear up in the yard—-diapers—-shoes—-wrappers and dead snakes are some of her favorites.

On one occasion while walking to my vehicle—-she had placed a HUGE snake perfectly behind my vehicle. It looked as if it were still alive. I swore it was stalking me—-planning it’s attack. My heart skipped a beat while a shreak left my mouth. I’m fairly sure my body went numb shock for a few seconds. The tyrant remained running around—-goofy face and huge smile as if it amused her to see my complete melt down. It was at that moment my friend informed me the snake was dead. Now that I’d calmed down—-it was odd the snake hadn’t made one move—-not even a wiggle….not an inch. It seemed to be dead. However, I moved quickly, going completely out of it’s way just in case.

The tyrant has a love/hate relationship with most humans. When you get so mad you’re ready to give her to the next person driving by—-she turns to cute face, adorable causing all knowledge of the tyrant to leave your mind.

The tyrant’s mother experienced this very thing the other day. My friend had walked to the back of the house, when I heard the dogs barking and therefore, let them into the house through the back door.

As my friend walked back to the front of the house, a policeman drove in front of the house. We both heard the radio as the patrolman parked in front of the house. My friend, who adamantly declares she is not an athlete nor a runner, bolted out of the door and down the drive. She was an instant power runner! She was worried about the tyrant and her sister being hurt. As she approached the street, I yelled out the door, “The dogs are in the house.” “Whew!” She exclaimed. “I was worried one of the dogs were in trouble!” Feelings of relief were noticeable in her face.

My friend walked in the door and posted on social media the police were chasing someone around the neighborhood. To which a comment was posted back to my friend, “Tell your husband to put his clothes back on and get back in the house!” For the record, the husband was still at work.

Sometimes it takes just one character in the group to create laughter. My friend and I laughed and laughed. A stressful situation in an instant became comical. All was back as it should be.

Remember in life, the most complicated tyrant can become someone you care about. The most complicated situation can become one of a comical nature—-let us not forget the important things in life—-keep your heart open—-if you hear circus music then smile and dance—-most important—-never forget to laugh from the inside out!