The happiest people in the world don’t wait for permission to create the life they desire.

Instead they create it themselves.

We have all heard the now overused words “unprecedented times”.  Have you ever stopped to think about what that means to you—to the everyday circumstances we encounter?

This time last year we all were going about our lives, most with no knowledge of what a pathogen transfer was.  Nor how it would grossly affect our lives.  Hand sanitizer was a novelty, face masks were only worn on Halloween and masquerade galas.

But with new restrictions our lives have dramatically changed.  Thanks to masks —We can’t see a smile in public any longer.  If you’re hearing impaired, reading lips is nonexistent.  Hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and cleaning supplies are valuable commodities.

We are working, learning and socializing from our living rooms.  Public gatherings are at 10 people or less.  Those that break the state’s mandate are given fines, or in some cases, jail time.

Unprecedented Times—

Some are enjoying the ability to be in the comfort of their home without having to make excuses for not going out.  Others are clawing their way out of the unhappiness or controlling environment of their homes.  Some are losing their minds—others are finding them.  There are those eating their way through the quarantine—and those utilizing the time to revamp their bodies and minds.

Whichever category you are—the meaning of unprecedented times varies.

For those whose lives are spiraling down what seems to be the darkest rabbit hole of all time, remember, everyone’s lives look perfect to us when our own lives are in turmoil.  With the existence of social media, this is magnified.

It is interesting to me, the one thing all of us have control of —ourselves.  How we think, what we eat, working out, hydration, manners, motion, actions and reactions—all up to us.  Yet the things people try to control are other people and circumstances out of their control.  It’s easier to try and fix exterior issues than things within ourselves.

If only people focused on themselves —their actions—as much as they do on other people.

Before a pandemic struck, those of us who relocated away from family and friends have known unprecedented times well.  If you ever want to build character—move to an unfamiliar city—no friends—no family.  It will test your resilience like you can’t imagine.  Some days you feel independent and loved and other days you feel forgotten and confused.

The emotional and physical strength it takes is difficult to describe.  It will define how tough you truly are.  To establish yourself in an unknown environment helps you grow into a strong person, but the process can come in waves.

Sure, you have phone calls, texts, Facebook posts, FaceTime and Zoom.  Those can only do so much on the days you need advice, you need a virtual hug, or you just need someone to vent to.

Some days you might feel like you’re losing touch with everyone in your circle.  You feel like everyone is living happily without you.  They call while going to dinners, cookouts, parties—all things you aren’t a part of.

Birthdays and holidays you miss—fun family photos you aren’t in.  Some days you wish you could drop everything and go back. Other days you’re happy for the new adventure.

The one thing to remember—Adventure helps you grow—establish yourself.

My first move to an unfamiliar place, there were days I realized upon leaving the office on Friday afternoon, there wasn’t another person I would speak face to face until Monday morning.  My GPS directed me home—which was a relief when I managed to find it again!  It was unprecedented for me.  That time made me resilient—afforded me the ability to be ok by myself.

It is in times of adversity a person’s true character comes out.

Eventually, I built a stronger —wiser me.

Don’t let the word “unprecedented” fool you.  Every new day is unknown—unprecedented.  Wake up every day with a passion to find new adventure—control what you can—focus forward.

Shoulda—Coulda—Woulda—never helped anyone reach a goal!

Small things matter.  Maybe a new pair of shoes.  Whomever said a pair of shoes can’t change your life—never understood Cinderella!

“What” and “if” when left alone are simple words.

But put them together—what if—and you have the power to dream, hope—to see the future.

“What if” has the power to create—open up the mind.  Create vision—dream adventure.

Change your life.

What if you changed your focus?  What if that focus created an entirely new adventure?  What if that adventure built a fantastic life you never dreamed possible?

Stay healthy!