Have you ever had a sentence interpreted the wrong way? You mean to say exactly what came out of your mouth. However, it is interpreted entirely different by the receiver? There are times when it is a complete misunderstanding and other times beyond hilarious!

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful day toodling around shopping with my friend and her husband. We were the Three Musketeers with no particular mission—-maybe some shopping—-find a great haunt for lunch—-some people watching—-the kind of day weekends were made for!

One of our shopping stops we hit a farmer’s market—-wonderful people watching. The crowd was the same as what attend most local fairs. One couple in particular were having the time of their lives walking from booth to booth—-laughing and cracking jokes. It was great to see people laughing so much. Then it hit me—-they are on a first date. The nerves were so thick you could feel them. I thought to myself —-it’s great they’re having so much fun!

Our next stop was a great place on the water for lunch. It was one of those places you go to watch a game and hang out with friends—-the scenery was amazing. There were three tables in a gazebo directly over the water with a perfect view. We were lucky enough to get one of them. Score! Before long, people filled the other two tables. While eating lunch—-the man at the table directly behind us apparently did not feel like he had enough attention. He began to speak louder—-telling a story of how he met his girlfriend. It was not a good story and did not paint a very pleasant picture. As adults—-if we are going to bellow a story across a public place —-shouldn’t it be one good for all to hear?

We finished our lunch and continued on to our next shopping stop. It was a blast! Bobbing in and out of rows and rows of items we either “needed” or “wanted” —- is there a difference?

We collected all of our desired goods and aimed for the checkout. My friend’s husband and I were waiting at the end of the counter—my friend waiting patiently for the moment to swipe her card. We were joking around with the clerks working at the store. Both looked to be twenty something’s and were entertained while joking around with us. In the middle of our antics, my friend chimes in, “he has to put up with both of us!” The twenty something male looked at her husband and me as though we had just taken the last beer at a party.

It hit me what his look was about. “He thinks she meant you are married to both of us”. I told him. “That did sound a bit funny didn’t it?”, he noticed. Oh no—-back peddle time! “We’re not all married, we’re friends, but he does have to put up with both of us today”, I explained to the young man. “OH!”, he stated with a stress relieving sigh. Laughter broke out once again between all of us—-realizing the missed perception.

The old adage to “never judge a book by it’s cover” still remains true today. With technology advancements, we do not always have the luxury of evaluating body language. ┬áIt is not what has been said that is important, rather how the words are perceived. We are challenged more than ever before to communicate clearly in order to be understood.

Very much like the kindergarten class whispering a secret to the first student and charged with communicating that secret to each other through to the last student in the line up. If the communication changes—-the entire focus is off kilter.

The moral of our day—-communicate clearly—-stop and regroup if necessary —-never judge —-and always remember to laugh!